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2015 May 4
Relating your own good experience is so much more useful than a thumbs down. I appreciate the extra effort! :-)

2015 May 4
I have eaten here several times. Food is great, place is clean, fair prices. The comments by our newest user make me long for the old thumbs down button.

2015 Apr 30
I would just like to add my comments as I've been to Phuket Royale many many times and have nothing but good things to say about their Thai dishes. Without getting into whether they are "authentic" or not as I've never been to Thailand, what I can say is that their dishes compare favourably to many of the other Thai restaurants in Ottawa and everyone that I have brought there has enjoyed it as well. And I've always had friendly service. I think they are a welcome addition to the neighbourhood.

2015 Apr 30
I call dibs on 'Unauthorized Meat' as my yet unformed indy folk metal band name.

2015 Apr 29
Ate Vermicelli bowl there last night. Horrific. Chicken looked like some unauthorized meat. Could have been pigeon as far as I am concerned. Service was aloof. No repeat customer here. Just go next to door to "So Good". I gave it a try.

2014 May 9
It's very reasonably priced compared to other Thai places.

2014 May 5
Went last night and had veggie spring rolls, chicken satay, Red Curry with Shrimp and Pineapple, and Pad Thai. Quick efficient service, nice atmosphere. The veggie spring rolls were a bit boring. Chicken satay was very good. We also enjoyed the Pad Thai but the Red Curry was the standout. Wonderful complex flavour with a nice amount of heat. In both dishes the shrimp were particularly good.
We will be back for sure.

2014 May 2
I had the roast duck lunch special. It was good and the portion of duck was generous. It came with a soup, some rice, and a side dipping sauce. I recommend it.

2014 May 2
The name is pretty funny if you see the homophones in it.

2014 Apr 29
went tonight, was impressed. nice inside, nice staff and good food.

chicken satays..pretty simple but they had good flavour.

shrimp spring rolls very crispy and the dipping sauce had some nice heat.

pa nang chicken curry was awesome! would go back just for this.

pho was ok too, broth had nice flavour.

would recommend for sure.


2018 Jul 26
My husband ordered this thoroughly enjoyed it. It was not tomatoey for my liking but still very good.

2018 Jul 26
I ordered the yellow curry lunch special once, recently, and loved it. It was satisfyingly saucy and had a good mix of chicken and vegetables with a side of rice.

2019 Apr 24
Grilled pork and spring rolls on vermicelli was very good. There were mint leaves mixed in with the vegetables at the bottom.