Foods from Don Cherry's

Oct 19
Drove past the other day and it seems to be closed (out of business) with the name of a new establishment (whose name escapes me) posted over top of the sign out front.

2013 Aug 3
Date of Visit: July 13, 2013

During my last trip to Ottawa, I wanted to bring home a nice single-malt Scotch and so I thought I could combine a trip to the well-stocked LCBO on Rideau street with a visit to Don Cherry’s for an early brunch…

The "Full Strength" Steak and Egg Breakfast... Rating 4 out of 5.


Don Cherry’s has a nice local bar type feel and I think that it would be a great place on a nasty winter’s evening with a good crowd inside. The service was decent and the food very hearty and filling at a reasonable price. A little bit of attention needs to be paid to the washrooms but otherwise everything was perfectly nice. Rating: 3 out of 5.

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2009 Jan 8
You know, I understand that the point of sports bars is to have decent, cold beer, and mediocre food. So, I'm not quite sure why I complied to a post-Bytown dinner at Cherry's (actually, it was because my SO is working overnights at Bridgehead and DC was close by).

He had the lasagna, which was a fairly small portion, but flavourful. I could smell the garlic, which is a good sign in my books.

Our friend, Rainer, and I split an order of Irish "Nachos" (Potato chips, two cheeses, onions, bacon, sour cream). They weren't awful, except that nowhere in the menu did it state that they were potato chips, rather than corn/flour tortilla chips. Looking back on it now, I understand why it's called Irish nachoes, but at the time I thought it would be like an Irish flag pattern (orange, white, green).

We also split a single order of fajitas. For $18, we got four tortillas, maybe three ounces of beef strips, which kind of had a stewed taste to them, some peppers, and a salsa which tasted a lot like chili sauce. It was really nasty.

The bill, with no drinks, came to around $60 before tip. The one thing I will give them, is that they were super fast with my SO's meal when we said that he was in a rush.

Needless to say, I'll make the trip to Heart and Crown next time.


2007 Mar 22
Stopped here for breakfast sunday morning. Restaurants located in hotels usually have a good breakfast since they have to serve breakfast seven days a week.

The breakfasts here have cutesy sports themed names i.e. The Hat Trick etc.

For some reason I thought that I was hungry enough for the "Two On Two".

Two eggs, two pancakes, toast, bacon and sausage.
Pancakes were good, but probably from a mix. Eggs were a little undercooked for my taste...I think eggs done "over" should have a bit of colour on the top, these didn't. Bacon was cooked perfectly, sausages were okay. Potatoes were deep fried but dressed up with a little fried onion...better than bad hash browns, but not as nice as really good ones.

Service was speedy and coffee was decent (if I don't have to put more than 2 creamers in it then it's pretty good). All in all, good service...and a decent breakfast, but I've had better.

Oh..and me vs. the Two On Two? It won, I couldn't finish it all.

2016 Jun 1
Smoked meat is one of those things I find pretty hard to get wrong, but they came pretty darned close. It wasn't terrible, but it also wasn't very good. For one it just did not look like a smoked meat sandwich - it was too perfect. The meat was too perfectly cut and shaped - it just looked very factory. It tasted like smoked meat but it was pretty mediocre. I was hard pressed to go to this place in the first place, and I'll be even more hard pressed to go back for smoked meat.

2016 Jun 1
Everyone at the table had fries with their meal, and we all agreed they were fantastic. They seemed to me to be battered.

2016 Jun 1
Good gawd don't go here for the beer! It is difficult for me to comprehend that places like this still exist with not a single craft beer selection.