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2015 Apr 20
I love DSF. Their chicken is awesome and Leroy treats everyone like family. I'd definitely recommend calling in advance to make sure he's open/has what you're looking for available. I think the description of an "Indoor Food Truck" is pretty accurate. Love this place!

2015 Apr 10
This is not a fancy restaurant... it's more of an indoor food truck. You tell LeRoy what you want, pay for it, then sit down while he cooks. He'll call you when the food is ready or bring it to you if he can. The plates are paper and the cutlery is plastic. A brown paper towel roll on the table is your never-ending napkin. The music is punchy and soulful.

I find the whole thing charming and effective, but it could be a surprise for someone looking for a more intimate atmosphere. So be warned. :-)

2014 Oct 23
I am way biased, but it reminds me of the food I got from my African American friends family when I broke bread with them on a Sunday.

I've only hit up the chicken and waffles, and both times, the chicken looks sad as hell, but tastes unbelievably good.

2014 Jul 7
@KenV...I totally agree with you...the food is really bad...I mean bad. I think he needs to go back down south and pay a visit to his momma to learn new recipes.

If you want good Fried Chicken & Waffles, try Hooch bourcbon house...amazing dish.

2014 Jul 4
What an incredible disappointment. We stopped in early Friday at 5pm to get some fried chicken only to be told that he didn't have any pieces just tenders. What kind of place advertises soul food and chicken and waffles without pieces?Then he started into some spiel about chicken is chicken and people down south eat chicken like this all the time and there was no difference. I should have turned tail and ran but both of us were hungry so we gave LeRoy a chance. Then he also had no ribs, no biggie since his ribs were always of the boiled fall off the bone variety lathered in a sweet sauce. So we looked over the chalkboard and proceeded to the cash to order a three piece with two sides and my wife a two piece with one side. When our meals came we got our plastic utensils and asked for our waters that were warm. The tenders were very dry and needed seasoning added to the batter since salt and pepper just would not stick to the overcooked chicken tenders. The mac and cheese had to be a week old or previously frozen because the pasty dry consistency left much to be desired. Not even any cheese flavor to this sad concoction. The collards were bland and also lacked any zip to them. His famous corn cake was dry, cold and burnt. Southern soul food this is not.Please oh please someone open up a fried chicken place that serves up some decent southern friend chicken.

2014 May 25
I want to like this place! But you have to up for the adventure. No one answered the phone but when we drove down there the cook was there. Chicken is good but the tenders were small pieces of chicken...more like nuggets at 2$ pop. They were out of all kinds of the ribs which the last time I was there were some of the best I have ever had...and I know good ribs. Black eyed peas r great. So we have to be in the mood to eat what they have...and willing to wash every piece of clothing when we get home from the grease smell. So when the mood strikes we will go but with minimal expectations. Maybe with time it will get a bit more consistent.

2014 Mar 19
Well, that makes more sense then. The giant sign does indeed say TACOLOT and the wall behind the cash has a painted taco and mexican food menu, but the tables by the window are made from surf boards and the mural is an orange sunset with palm trees and surfers. This is quite an eclectic hangout.

Honestly, the food was not quite in the great category, but worthy of another try. I want to see what they do once summer hits.

2014 Mar 19
Guess Ill need to return since my visit last summer was not really positive. The chicken & waffle was the worst ive ever had. It was such a let down. Dry and bland was all I could taste. My 3 other friends all had the same comment. I shall return for round 2.

PS: you mean Hang 22 and not Tacolot right? Tacolot are the owners but the shop on gladstone is called Hang 22 or something. Glad these overprice tacos are going away.

2014 Mar 19
I went to DSF last night and picked up an order of the 3-pc chicken and 2 sides (I chose collards and mac&cheese) and another side of fries. This is real fried chicken. The greens were delicious, as well. This cost about $25 and fed two of us quite well.

Note: one leg is considered 2 pieces. He gave me 2 legs, which is 4 pieces.

We got to talking and he is looking forward to the warmer weather so he can get rid of that stupid TACOLOT sign on the front and get the walls painted to get rid of the ridiculous sunset mural and taco menu inside. There is an old Burgertime arcade standup that he needs to get rid of as well, if anyone is interested.

I'm awaiting the arrival of his ice cream maker and the delicious flavours he described to me.

This is not a food truck. It is a full-fledged restaurant at 707 Gladsone, in the first block west of Bronson. Right across from the PetroCanada station. They are only taking cash right now and the nearest ATM is across the street with a $2 fee.

I asked about the catfish and he only does that on the weekend for now.

He gave me a wonderful concoction of chocolate cake and bourbon and bacon in a waffle with a bit of powdered sugar on top. It got all over me, but was quite good.

Will definitely be back.

Also, LeRoy is a hoot. Get him talking.

To anyone who doubts that social media works:
I noticed in Terry's Twitter feed that he went here yesterday at noon. I couldn't let him get ahead on points, so I went for dinner. Talking to LeRoy, he said that I was the third person that day to swing by based on that one Twitter post (that he knew of). Twitter it up you guys.

2013 Jul 7
Website says opening mid-June.

Any sign of him serving up his yummy Soul Food yet ?



2015 Apr 10
I was in the area on a Friday afternoon and have been wanting to check out the chicken and waffles after seeing sumptuous pics on social media. Spot on!

Excellent waffles, fluffy but substantial, lightly caramelized, dusted with sugar/cinnamon/chocolate, and drizzled with syrup. Succulent and steaming crispy chicken too! The seasoning on the chicken is light, so accepting the hot sauce is a good idea if you want to take your mouth out for a ride. These aren't massive chicken pieces but they're addictive, so feel free to order one piece more than you think you might need. You're welcome.

That deep fried Oreo cookie was spectacular too! It's a "golden" Oreo, encased in crispy batter, and drizzled with a little chocolate syrup. The end result is the full flavour of a chocolate Oreo without the batter offering a sort of bread layer to offset the sweetness of the cookie.

2015 Apr 10
OMFG I have never even heard of this place, but I'd done a lot of experiments with cooking chicken skins and they are a truly incredible food!

I am definitely going here now!

2015 Apr 10
LeRoy doesn't have these on the menu (yet?), but he brings them out sometimes when he has them. OMFG! Sprinkled with some spicy salt and drizzled with a little Frank's, these are a pile of heaven.

They'd be amazing with beer. While DSF doesn't have a liquor license, you can book the restaurant for private parties and bring your own alcoholic beverages.