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2013 Mar 8
Have been here twice, most recently mid-week, early March 2013. Have been impressed both times, enough to post the vendor so i can rave about them.

@36 Pho is located on Merivale in the same strip mall as Swiss Chalet and Karara. The restaurant used to be Pho Maxim i think, and before that something elsepho. If i understand correctly, the new owners, a family, took over about 6 months ago.

Two notes before i get to the food... first, the look. They put some money and thought into this place... before it was more or less Ottawa dining hall pho standard, now it's stone and red textured walls and cool lighting. Tho i've been to many, I haven't been to enough Pho restaurants in Ottawa to say one is the absolute bestest, but i will say @36 is the best looking, hands down. You could bring a date here. You SHOULD bring a date here.

Second, the service... the sign on the door says they close at 9. At 9 i rushed in hoping to maybe just do takeout (full disclosure: late dining plan b was Swiss Chalet and i really wasn't feeling it). The waiter told us we could have a seat and they'd be happy to serve us. A table of six came in a bit later and got the same reception. In a city where '9' frequently means the kitchen closes at 830 or earlier, we really appreciated this reception. The professional and friendly tone of the service has been entirely in that same vein on both visits.

On to the food - the salad rolls are great. They taste freshly made, the wraps don't fall apart and the ingredients are tasty. Have tried shrimp, grilled pork and tofu, all were enjoyable. The house made peanut sauce may be the best in the city, possibly the world.

The pho.... look, i know everyone has really strong subjective opinions about pho broth. Moi, i like tasty, with a beefy undercurrent but not a stock taste, not too oily or salty. @36 does this really nicely. Have tried their well done beef, shredded chicken, and veg/mushroom. All were enjoyable, with quality ingredients. The beef was lean and not gristly, the chicken was white meat, no fat, and the veg are chunky, not canned and not suffering from the abundance of 'throwaway' veg like celery that some places throw in.

Not feeling carby, we asked them to skip the vermicelli noodles and do a beef/veg on salad dish. No problems, and it was delicious.

They're also trying out new dishes... we had the coconut curry stir fry with rice... delicious, with good heat (it was a 3 on the 1-5 scale). Again, i have to contrast this with some places that give you a plate of rice or noodles with a small helping of protein and a pile of mediocre veg... this was a huge plate loaded with fresh veg, and the sauce tasted home made. Ginger stirfry and lemongrass stirfry were also being tried out and a satae soup is on the way. yay!

Two orders of salad rolls, two mains, two pops = approx $42 tax in. Totally worthwhile. Will be back, will send others.

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B Kho 5


2013 Oct 7
Food quality continues to be stellar here. Tasty and rich broth, generous hunks of tender-fatty beef, perfect rice noodles. Service was congenial too.

I was the only customer in here at 12:15pm on a Sunday, and I lamented to the server that the throngs of people walking by his restaurant to go to Swiss Chalet are all idiots. He tactfully replied that a quarter chicken dinner with fries for $8.95 is very cheap. True enough, but look at the goodness that can be had for just a couple bucks more!

[Note: I dressed up the bowl with the supplied bean sprouts and basil.]

Phở 5


2013 Oct 29
Like the other offerings here, the phở proved to be well above average. I opted for the "everything" house special phở đặc biệt with rare beef, flank, tripe, and meatballs. Absolutely top notch!

2018 Oct 29
Grilled pork and spring roll on vermicelli

2018 Jan 23
Grilled chicken and shrimps on vermicelli. Delicious sauce and fresh vegetables. This remains one of my favourite Vietnamese restaurants in Ottawa. I wish I lived closer!

2016 Nov 5
Got the delicious Bn chả H Nội, which included grilled sliced pork and pork meatballs served in a mild yet tasty sauce. This place has kind service and nice decor as well.