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Foods from Mitla


2014 Jan 23
It is now Ola Cocina, I heard they were bought by new owners. Same location.

2014 Jan 22
I'm a little confused, is this place now called Ola Cocina? Some websites say Mitla is closed, while others claimed there has been a name change? It seems Ola Cocina is now at the old Mitla street address and uses the Mitla twitter handle, so I assume they are definitely related somehow...

Let the sleuthing begin!

2013 Jun 9
Had a great lunch here last week for $8 had an asparagus side salad and two enchiladas filled with cheese and cooked cactus (yes, you read that right!). The enchiladas were a hit, covered with a layer of homemade refried beans; they made for a filling lunch. The salad with cooked asparagus salad and some black beans sprinkled in was alright but I would have liked a stronger flavoured dressing.

It was one of those cold, rainy days and I was definitely tempted to have a Mexican hot chocolate but resisted this time. Hopefully it warms up to proper June temperatures soon and I can try one of their traditional Oaxacan popcicles advertised on their facebook site.

Yes, the place is small but when I was there for takeout there was a table of 6 squished in to the right of the door. Despite the cramped space, the people seemed to be enjoying themselves and especially the food as everyone commented that their plates where licked clean!

I will be back again to try something else from their daily changing menu.

2013 Jun 8
I went there for lunch. Place is SMALL - one table inside, two two person tables on the sidewalk outside, and a little couch area. There is no liquor license.

It is a little one person show - but the service was excellent and friendly. I had Huevos Rancheros - fried tortilla with two over easy eggs on it and a tomato sauce/salsa (medium spice) and tasty black beans, for $7.50. It was very good.

2013 Jan 12
We were a bit disappointed with our take out this evening. Missed out on the tamales that were pre order but were able to get an entre on a Saturday along with a soup to take home. The posole was very spicy and enjoyable. A deep rich broth nice large chunks of tender pork and whole hominy kernels killer.Had to cut a few of my own limes for the soup since the ones provided were dried out. Our entre although it had nice flavors portion size was an issue for the price. A small chicken thigh with a few slices of avacado along with some roasted squash and green beans was a tad on the small size for the price. The name of the chicken dish escapes me at the moment. One would think fresh hand made corn tortillas would be a given yet factory was the reality. For $41 I expected more. Will wait on the next visit until more reviews are posted. May have been an off day since they seemed pretty tired after a long tamale session. Let's hope portion size is adjusted in the future.