During his time working at Fraser Café, Paul Bergeron began cooking up a plan to start his own food truck. He envisioned bringing creative, made-from-scratch restaurant food to the streets. He had watched his friend Jacqueline Jolliffe develop a brisk daily business with Stone Soup Foodworks, serving a constantly changing menu of fresh homemade soups, chilis, and tacos at festivals and on the University of Ottawa campus. Eventually he’d like to find a regular spot to park and cook in the truck year-round.

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2012 Oct 12
Relish's specialty tacos -- in a masa tortilla cooked on a cast iron griddle right when you order -- are to die for, and actually made me forget all about Corazon de Mais, which says a mouthful. Today's feature was an 'autumn taco' filled with sweet potato, shredded pork, chorizo, feta, garnished with radishes and cucumbers cut into cute little matchsticks.

The chorizo was spicy but not dry, something that is the bane of all too many of these sausages. The tartness of the feta paired nicely with the sweetness of the yam mash. The pulled pork was well spiced, juicy good and easily as flavourful as what you'll get at Corazon. But for all the goodness in the filling, the fresh tortilla was still the star here, and brought back memories of road tripping through Mexico where fresh masa tortillas were my sustenance for months on end. My husband and I had a taco each and then seriously considered ordering a second, until we were sidetracked by their fresh doughnuts that is...

2012 Oct 12
Fresh doughnuts -- as in fried right there and then -- were rolled in cinnamon, sugar and doused with a raspberry compote. If you've ever had a hot, fresh doughnut then you know I was in heaven for the next hour, otherwise you need to try this for yourself. Yes indeed, I had these bad boys hot out of the fryer, we ordered a second trio, savoured every last bite of those, and in both cases I licked the last of the sugar and compote off the plate. If Suzie Q offered a doughnut of even half this quality I might understand the line-ups.

If you're not on the university campus it's definitely an effort to get here, but we were so glad we made the pilgrimmage that I will make a point of stopping by next time I'm downtown. After chatting with the friendly owners I was simply at a loss to understand why a truck serving this calibre of food should be relegated to such an obscure spot, even if it's downtown. I came away with such a great vibe that I won't ruin it by commenting on the politics of food truck regulations, but suffice it to say that vendors such as Relish need to become the norm on the streets of Ottawa, rather than treated as some sort of pariah.

2012 Oct 11
I believe they close around 5pm

2012 Oct 11
Don't suppose you know what time they close at?

Are they open in the evening?

2012 Oct 11
This is real restaurant fare from a food truck.

Had the S'mac and Cheese and the Black Bean/Chevre Tacos and I have to say I was very impressed.

The S'mac (b/c it's addictive?) and cheese was garnished with spicy chorizo and jalapeno and crispy fried onions which went together surprisingly well and really elevated the dish. The real cheese sauce was rich and very satisfying.

The tacos were super fresh and light. Handmade tortillas!! Nuff said.

Of all the food trucks that have popped up recently, Relish is the only one that delivers on the promise of being a true gourmet food truck. Not just a chip truck in disguise.

The only trouble is finding their current spot if your not familiar with the campus.
By car take King Edward south of Laurier, turn onto Thomas Moore, then turn right onto Copernicus.

2012 Aug 31
He'll also be at POP UP PATIOS Saturday Sept 1, and 8th, 2012.

right on the rideau canal right in front of the ottawa convention center on the boardwalk.

2012 Aug 29
He will be parked on the Ottawa U campus starting sometime in September

2012 Aug 29
Can anyone tell me where the truck is located these days? I already miss Paul from Frasers.

2012 Jul 23
Caught the Relish truck at the Perth Stewart Park festival this past weekend. Add me to the list of satisfied customers cuz i'll be tracking it down again and soon.

Had the grilled cheese sandwich with bacon and pickled jalapenos.

Bread was either a fresh crusty white or some sort of eggbread, nicely buttered and pressed flat. Cheese was a real cheddar, super tasty and ample. The jalaps added a nice kick and the bacon was bacon and therefore wins. Overall a solid combo in a nice sized sandwich i would totally have again.

Came with what tasted like recently made tortilla chips, homemade salsa that also did good things on the sandwich, and solid slaw.

For $8.50, utterly worthwhile. Can't wait to catch the truck again soon. Possibly today. Is it lunchtime yet....?

2012 Jun 11
Tried the jerk chicken with red onion, apple mango chutney on masa cakes with carrot and cabbage slaw.

Like Triple D and cardamom have pointed out the heat level (and I will say the taste level) on the chicken came up a bit short. The meat was of good quality.

I had a chance to discuss this with Paul Bergeron while he was prepping food Sunday morning at around 9:30am.

He let me taste the jerk seasoning they use in the dish and the flavours were certainly there, so it may have been just a weak tasting portion that I got.

Plus side .... the masa cakes were nice and rich (Was that cheese I saw him grating into the masa dough as we talked ?) .. the onions and apple/mango chutney was quite refreshing ... and the slaw on the side was decent as well.

I like the simple paper trays used to serve the food on.

For the quality of the food, the portion size was fair for nine bucks.

Paul was very open to my constructive inputs and said Saturday was their very first day... so .. Bravo Paul !! (and to the rest of the crew he stole from Fraser's)

Looking forward to the fine tunings and further adventures 'relish' is sure to offer.

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