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Weekend Brunch at Odile
Weekend Brunch at Odile
Foods from Odile

2012 May 25
Odile opened last Saturday for weekend brunch. I went on the first day and I also went back for lunch on Thursday.

If you like Edgar, you will like Odile. It is more of Marysol's culinary creativity with local, seasonal foods. It is a fine dining in a boutique bistro way.

I had a poached egg dish on the Saturday and I had a seared halibut dish on Thursday. Both were superbly prepared and seasoned. And filling. No paninis here.

With fiddleheads in season, Marysol used them in both dishes. I was happy for that.

Where Edgar sat 11 people on high stools, Odile has mostly table seating at regular height. 14 seats. And then 6 high stools at the counter. I think there is 10 seats on the patio.

It is bright with large windows in this small space. You can see into the open kitchen.

At Odile's staff waits on the tables. No lining up at the counter to order, like you do at Edgar.

When the liquor license comes in, they will be doing dinner service too.

Similar hours to Edgar. Closed on Monday and Tuesday.

I did two posts of the two visits if you want to see some pics and read more.

Sunday brunch:

Thursday lunch:

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2012 Nov 21
Had a fantastic brunch here last Saturday. When we arrived around 10:30 we were surprised that we were able to pick from one of the approx. 10 tables for two (four of these were occupied) or one of the five seats at the counter against one of the walls. Although I’ve been wanting to eat here since it opened, we have been dreading the large line up that I figured would greet us so we were very happy to be seated right away.

The light coloured walls and floor accented with black and minimal décor in such a small space works well.

We loved the two dishes we tried (If I remember correctly there were a total of four options to pick from):
- Homemade bread, toasted and topped with herbed ricotta, scrambled eggs, a melange of mushrooms and lardons, a small bibb lettuce salad was the accompaniment on the side – absolutely incredible mixture of flavours
- A dutch baby which was covered in maple syrup and topped with pork belly, apple compote and large hunks of aged cheddar – wonderful combination of sweet and salty

The portion size was perfect, just the right amount – I didn’t start to get hungry again until late afternoon.

I look forward to a return visit.

2012 Sep 29
My wife opted for the Far Ouest:
Poached eggs, bbq pulled pork, grilled corn, potato hash with chorizo sausage, avocado.

This was very nicely done but the sweetness of the bbq sauce combined with the grilled corn kernels was a little too much for her taste. Anytime you see pulled pork on a menu, some sweetness is not a big surprise. It really comes down to personal preference. I tasted it and liked it but still preferred my dish.

My son loved his Dutch Baby -- a decadent cross between a pancake and a soufflé, smothered with apple compôte, doused with maple syrup, and topped with pork belly and aged cheddar!

2012 Sep 29
This is the wonderful, gorgeous, delicious Albert:
Poached eggs, duck confit, fingerlings, cheese curds, greens, Ste-Odile sauce.

Everything was as perfect as it sounds. ♥