Foods from Cozy's

2009 Nov 7
I just moved in around the corner from this place and decided to check out the food.

This place reminds me of a small town restaurant. The menu has all kinds of sandwiches, burgers, a few salads, dinner specials like good old liver and onions, pastas and of course, breakfast.

The restaurant itself is fairly folksy and it seems to be frequented by "regulars" as the server seemed to know everyone coming in.

I ordered a Beef Donair platter with poutine. The fries were awesome- homemade and fried to a nice golden brown. The gravy seemed to be packaged beef gravy which was a touch salty. For you poutine purists, shredded cheese was used rather than cheese curds. It was still good though.

The sandwich was good and all of the toppings were fresh. I've had better but have also had far worse.

The coleslaw was pretty darn good and homemade with vinegrette style dressing.

Staff were pleasant and service was quick. An added bonus for you early risers- they open at 5am, which beats most Tim Hortons.

2007 Jun 18
My sister brings her family here for breakfast almost every weekend. I happened to be in the hood and came in for breakfast last Saturday.

Coffee, good enough, for diner coffee....if I can drink it with just two creamers then it's not bad.

Eggs, perfectly cooked and still hot, peameal bacon was good, just enough colour and nice and hot. And the potatoes were cooked on a flat top and not deep-fried.

Service.... efficient, fast and friendly.

One word of warning...if you are alone, take a table, don't sit at the bar....stools are really uncomfortable, and fixed just far enough back that eating would be messy and uncomfortable.

2007 Mar 11
Our family goes here at least once a month for breakfast. It's a "greasy spoon" by most standards, but I truly believe their waffles are a work of art which raise them far above this. Not that there is anything wrong with greasy-spoons, mind you. I normally just have the bacon-and-two-over-easy, not the waffles.

The boys (3 and 5) love the kid's pancake with either bacon or sausage (they usually go for the latter).

Huge dining room and very friendly staff. It is very easy to become a regular here.

2007 Feb 15
My family like to have breakfast here... A LOT. My mom is there most Wednesdays, and the brothers tag along for Sunday Breakfast. Mom raves about the home fries, the boys can't get enough of the Belgian Waffles. As for me, it's a cheap breakfast, and nobody can mess up poached eggs on toast.

The service is super warm, the waitresses all know us by name. It's nice. I also love the regulars, and usually end up knowing at least one other person there.

Plus, they're super accomodating. There is absolutely no problem subbing some grilled tomatoes for the home-fries. Coffee mugs are never empty.


2009 Jul 6
We were here fairly recently and it was the same food as always. If you go here expecting Cora's, check the price tag of both places and then check your expectations at the door. You get what you pay for, and what you are paying for here is, very respectfully, an average "greasy spoon". Same as just about any other low-priced place I'd ever been to : Fil's, Ada's, Mello's - the list goes on and on.

Will I be back? You bet I will! We eat here several times a year and have yet to be disappointed, since we set our expectations accordingly.

BTW if you want something more like Cora's, try their home made waffles. But warning : you'll pay for them! They are quite fantastic.

2009 Jul 6
New User 1378 - Tip for future reference, you'll notice that the last Reviews for this Vendor were from 2007... it might have been worthwhile asking in the FORUM Pages if anyone had been recently (or had other suggestions for the same general area of town) before you visited.

2009 Jul 6
Saw this place here - thought I would try it. A "Cora" - it ain't!

Eggs were over cooked. I would give it a *1/2 out of 4.


2007 Mar 11
Very well known for their thick belgian waffles with whipped cream and fruit on top. Yummy!