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2011 Dec 7
Part 2: The main...
The Curry Rasta Linguine: grilled chicken & shrimp, chilies, olive oil, pineapple salsa. Looked goods tasted bland... very, VERY bland. I expected more.

More punch, more power and taste, our food was perfectly cooked, exquisitely plated and yet, we were left a little flat.

As a consequence, I liked it, but I really, really, really wanted to LOVE it. I wanted to swoon and feel giddy but instead I felt like a little sad. I know what it is to have a dream and watch it take it's first breath, the thrill of those first few steps and the excitement as it starts to gain independence and confidence. I want success for Burnt Butter and it's people.

Having heard from other restaurateurs that customers are complaining about too much salt, I sent Burnt Butter owners Gen & Steve a note to ask if this was the case. Were they dialing back the food to appease dulled taste buds?

No, Steve just thinks we all eat too much salt.

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2011 Dec 7
Part 1: The starter...
The big backboard menu brimmed with choices and everything sounded so... exciting. The Pasta selection made my head spin: Swiss Chard Gnocchi, Lemon Totalini, Curry Rasta Linguine, Tomato Fettuccine and Sesame-Soya Agnolotti. How to decide?!

We started by sharing the Arugala Salad: brandied figs, toasted walnuts, plum tomatoes, purple onion and a balsamic vinaigrette. Let me start by saying I am now addicted to brandied figs, I don't know why I hadn't though of this combination myself, I now plan to add them to everything.

The salad itself was a delight, both in texture and flavour, tart, tangy, sweet, savory, sharp - all at once. It had edge and appeal.

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2011 Nov 19
I went yesterday for lunch and it was a step above delicious. Really nicely prepared and tasty.

To start, the potato and leek soup. It was good, but a touch on the bland side. However, there was a good amount of it and it was a nice starter on a cool day. I had the pork and lemongrass agnolotti in a coarse tomato sauce where you could see that it was made from actual tomatoes. Very good.

The dessert I chose was the pecan pie with lightly flavoured whipped cream. It was nice, but I shouldn't have to use both hands to get through the pie crust.

All in all, a nice lunch. A bit pricey at a touch over $40, but still a really good meal.

2011 Nov 4
House made fettuccine with peas,prosciutto,chili,parmasean,and oil. Noodles were a tad on the thin side. Tasty dish that could have used the same kick as the broth had with more chili but still tasty. Service was very good and the restaurant trendy with a hip thing going on.

2011 Nov 4
Mmmm dropped by tonight to some great service and food. Daily inspiration was a beef broth soup with crepes. Perfetly seasoned with a kick of pepper that lingured until the next spoonfull.

2011 Oct 24
I've been twice in the past 2 weeks, once for dinner and once for lunch. In both cases, the food was awesome. My first visit (dinner) I tried the chicken stuffed with caramelized onions and feta cheese and my partner had the scallops. Both dishes where amazing! The service was over the top. My next visit (lunch I had the Lemon Grass Cappelletti and my friend had the Sage Fettuccine. Again amazing. My only issue is the price of the wines. 1/2 liter costs between $30-36 and a full liter of wine will cost you approx $50. A bit pricy in my opinion, especially if you are like me and not a wine expert but enjoys a glass of wine or two with a meal. I would recommend that a house wine be added to the list around $30-40 per liter. Other than that, great restaurant, attentive service, amazing food.

2011 Sep 3
We dropped in last night (Friday) for dinner. We did not have a reservation and were lucky to get a table, the place was quite full and when a table emptied, it was quickly re-seated. We started with the white turnip and apple soup, husband loved it, I had the Brusette with avocado and honey dew melon, very differnt but very good. I had the chicken with goat cheese and onions served with cranberry polenta, very good, the chicken was excellent. Hubby had the pork loin chop with a sauce that I forget but he liked it, served with fingerling potatoes and veggies, he ate all of it!!We enjoyed a nice bottle of white wine and finished with creme brule and hubby had a rye, total bill 130.00 before tip. Interesting setting, very long and narrow with lots of windows, service was very good, We will definately be back. Quite enjoyable.

2011 Aug 28
Was excited to drop into this new restaurant for lunch the other day. It seems like they have had their sign up, announcing their arrival, the first day the other restaurant that used to occupy this space vacated – and what a change they have made to the place! The space is long and skinny but they have taken great advantage of the wall of huge windows along Wellington. Overall, I would call the restaurant modern (but not too modern) chic. Blackboard paint has been used on two walls where the menu is written up.

Now on to the food:

Although there was quite a list of appetizers, it was lunch so we passed on those.

We choose two mains:
- Gnocchi with veal and mint sauce – large portion and different mix of ingredients, however, the comment was made that it was missing something special (i.e., was slightly bland)
- Swiss char agnolotti – a stuffed pasta, swiss char was used in the sauce making it very green (sort of muddy green), not at all what I expected but the dish tasted great

Dessert chosen was a peach cobbler made with local peaches, nice combination with cinnamon.

Overall, I would have to say that the food was a slight disappointment - good but not fantastic. The service was attentive and pleasant, if a bit anxious (can be forgiven since they have only been open for less than 2 weeks).

One thing I would note is that their menu is quite extensive – if I remember correctly 5 pasta dishes and 5 mains and this is for lunch! Apparently some of the dishes change for dinner! I don’t think they are going to be able to keep this up. A shorten menu, especially at lunch, will not take anything away from the place and may actually be an improvement.

Another point - it is a nice touch that everyone at the restaurant is wearing Burnt Butter t-shirts, however, since the back of the restaurant can be clearly seen from the side street (Sherbrooke Ave.), you are also able to see the kitchen staff taking their breaks (with their t-shirts on) which is not always good advertising.

It is still early days for this restaurant so I am hopeful they will make some adjustments and be able to have a long history of serving up delicious food. I for one will be back in a few weeks to see how they are doing.

2011 Aug 25
Visited last night. Very friendly service in a nice, inviting space. Open concept, long dining room in the same location as the old Phnom Penh. Well-lit, cozy, very nice tables and chairs. Good to see the place so busy, almost full even when we left well after 10.

I saw Terry on the way in looking to enjoy the place as well. The irony is my girlfriend wanted to go to Petit Bill's but I suggested the new place. But Terry came to us! haha

We had the bocconcini app which was 3 pieces of cheese wrapped in prosciutto and beer batter and fried in a nice lemony, herby aioli. Delicious, perfect textures throughout, and so flavourful. I'm worried I'm addicted to this app. This was from the special menu, not the seasonal menu on the chalkboard and on the website.

I ordered my main from this menu as well. Linguine in a cream sauce, with patty pans, snow peas, shrimp. Also delicious. Fresh, home-made pasta, cooked al dente to perfection, great texture, not soft like the store bought pasta. This is the real deal. The shrimp overcooked, but the veggies and cream delicious. The pasta was coated perfectly in a film of sauce.

My girlfriend had the gnocchi from the seasonal menu. I tried it, very good. The burnt butter was featured as in several dishes, apps too. The veal loin was very good. All in all, a great dish.

Good wine list. I had a decent dark ale from Prince Edward County's Barley Days Brewery, bottled. Not sure what they had on tap. They had another beer from this brewer, as well as Beau's Lug Tread.

The only downer overall was the dry, bland cheesecake which lacked in texture and flavour. Avoid it. Next time, we'll go for something else.

The coffee and espresso were very good.

Overall, two thumbs way up. I'm really loving Hintonburg lately.

2011 Aug 2
Yup, that menu sure is difficult to read. Even at 150% from the PDF. Website is pretty slow too, and I normally do not have speed issues with any websites.

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2013 May 20
My better half and I are big fans for Burnt Butter and their pasta in particular. While it's not on the menu, the restaurant always has gluten-free pasta on hand. The "Cayenne Fettuccine" was full of flavour - O'brien farms meatballs stuffed with gorgonzola, in a curried tomato sauce. We were also impressed that the meatballs didn't have bread crumbs in them making the dish an easy gluten-free option!


2013 May 20
Prosciutto / melon / balsamic reduction / mint bruschetta ($8)

The bread was toasted but fresh, which I much prefer to break your teeth crostinis! And the mint really added an extra punch. I really liked the clever design of the bruschetta with the melon and prosciutto shaved on the bread.

2013 May 20
Now, I'm a fan of sweetness in my food and this Dominica Slaw salad really delivered! Made of red and white cabbage, mango slices, sweet peppers, with a brown sugar vinaigrette the flavours really popped. I'm also a big fan of cilantro and think there was enough acidity in the dressing to carry the sweetness. Going to add this to my salad recipe arsenal.