This vendor no longer exists!

I noticed this kiosk in the Rideau Center food court. They advertise themselves as part of the old Elephant and Castle. They do fish and chips, shrimp and chips and basically anything that can be thrown in a deep fryer- no clam strips or scallops though.

The Chippy
The Chippy
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2011 Oct 26
Like I said, fishsticks! I dunno if I just was unlucky or something, but yeah, tiny ass fish.

2011 Oct 26
Yes I just scrolled down to the first review of this resto and the fish seems to have shrunk to half the size-;)

2011 Oct 26
Perhaps my memory is playing tricks on me, but I seem to recall that the portions of fish were significantly larger when they first opened. That is some small fish!

2011 Oct 26
Went there again on monday night before class, and got the meal, and upgraded to poutine (bartending course, wanted something heavy in my stomach). First things first. Portion size. I got two fish sticks! (See photo). I was not impressed there with how tiny my pieces were.

Moving onto taste: Please ignore my previous comment. The food has gone back to being delicious. The fish batter was crisp, well cooked, and felt satisfying. The fish inside was delish as well. Most surprisingly, the poutine was really good. Not saying it's the best I've ever had, but it's in the top 25%.

Overall: I will go back, but only if they get the portions on the fish bigger.

2011 Jun 14
I used to eat here once a week or so last fall, but I hadn't been there in a few months. So I decided to go in today, and grab something before class. That was a mistake. It seems to have gone downhill. For starters, the batter itself seems thinner, if that makes sense. It almost was a bit undercooked, and fell right off the fish. The fries were not impressive either, and it was greasier that the last time. It may have just been a bad experience today compared to the other good ones I've had. I'm not giving up on this place, but, I'm not impressed with today's meal.

2010 Nov 28
Rideau Center

2010 Nov 28
Where is it located?

2010 Nov 28
I went to the chippy a week or two ago and had the same special that "Bagnat" is talking about below. I agree that it is not bad at all. I thought the fish was pretty thick and didn't have too much batter. However there was the perfect amount of crispness.

It's mega greasy but in a good way. The fries are also quite yummi - frozen or not I think they are better than New York Fries - which is right next door.

The coleslaw was meh and not memorable, but I personally need something at least moderately fresh and semi-healthy to offset the the greasy fish and chips. Yes, I know slaw isn't that healthy, but I'm going to pretend it is.

At the very least the chippy is a decent option in the food court. Between Teriaki, Thai Express and the Chippy, I'm happy with the choices at Rideau food court.

Well, to be honest I have a soft spot for KFC.. but don't tell anybody, I know it's poison.

Long story short, It's decent fish and chips, for a very fair price.

2010 Nov 28
I like fish and chips and thought that I'd try their fish and chips special with a drink for $6.99.

The special included two decent sized pieces of battered haddock and an adequate portion of fries with tartar sauce. I can't remember if coleslaw was included-I thought so but didn't receive any with my order.

The fish was very good. The fries were fresh but not homemade which is a let down when you are a fish and chip shop.

Overall, a well spent $6.99 and probably one of the tastier offerings from a food court.