Bambu is a restaurant at 3993 Riverside Drive and features pan-Asian cuisine.

Foods from Bambu

2014 Apr 28
I came here with a friend a couple of weeks ago after much debate over which type of Asian to eat. We settled for a place that sold fusion! Was a little disappointed at how pricey the sushi was - at any typical sushi restaurant you can attend, you pay $20-$25 for all you can eat, and you can unlimited amount! Here, if you were to order only $25 worth of sushi, it would be only 10 rolls of a couple varieties - not nearly enough for two!

However, we were quite pleased with what we did order. My friend ordered the Pork Dumpling appetizer, which she said was great. There was a peanut sauce/crumble on the top and you could definitely smell it - and it smelled great!

We ordered three dishes to have on the table to share, as we noticed that's what most of the diners were doing. We ordered the Eggplant & Shrimp in Spicy Black Bean Sauce, the Chicken Pad Thai and the Buddha's Delight.

I ate the Buddha's Delight, because I'm a most-of-the-time vegan and this was FANTASTIC! I loved the flavour of the sauce and the vegetables were all crisp and perfect texture. I couldn't help but snap this photo of the adorable presentation of the yam noodles.

I also sampled a piece of the egglant from my friend's dish, and it was phenomenal. That Spicy Black Bean sauce - if only I could recreate it!

Overall, very pleased with this restaurant and I would definitely come back.

2013 Nov 23
Not being a big Asian food fan my wife wanted me to try this place that was so close to us. Friday night 6pm the place was starting to fill up. We started with the egg rolls. A decent size but so over cooked and dry that they crumbled when you bit into them and had a bitter taste from the burnt exterior. It was almost like they were from the lunch service and refried a second time. Hunan dumplings were pleasing to the eye but they didn't deliver on the flavor either. The sauce could have used a tad more salt or even dare I say MSG for some pop. My wife ordered a chicken curry/coconut dish with peppers and onion that was ok but again needed some more flavor. I got the distinct impression the food is dumbed down for the Canadian palate. Our other dish was the crispy beef that was drenched in a sickly sweet sauce with no chili spice to be had at all. Too dark in the resto for photos.

2013 Aug 19

I was here recently and had sushi. I ordered a hand roll and the Riverside roll.

The food was wonderful :) Salmon very fresh.

2012 Nov 15
Deep fried glutinous balls with lotus paste.

2012 Nov 15
They used to have a full dim sum menu. When I came here with my family visiting from Montreal, I was eager to take them to a good dim sum place but was sad to find out they had dropped the full menu,

We still ordered a few dim sum (the classics: pork siu mai, har gow, chicken feet) and complemented with cantonese chow mein, general tao chicken and chinese greens with garlic. Everything was good but the portions are not big especially considering the price.

One big plus about this place is that it is clean, very clean compared to all the other dim sum spots in Ottawa.

2012 Sep 6
Ashley, the food is over priced, not the 3 dollar delivery noodle stir fry and a small soup, 21 dollars. I think you missed the point of my post

2012 Sep 5
ilikerealfood, $3 delivery charge for your order of $24 bucks do not seem like a lot to me considering today's gas price. Otherwise, you just go pick up the food yourself.

2012 Sep 5
I have eaten at bamboo twice now. Although it’s not even close to the best Asian-ish restaurant in town, I find their food is decent, perhaps a tad overpriced. On my first occasion, I ordered take out sushi. I don’t remember the specifics anymore, but there are three rolls pictured. What you see on that plate is well over 30 dollars.

The sushi was decent, but not the best.

2012 Sep 5
Last night my girlfriend and I ordered delivery from bambu (beef and black bean noodles, and egg and corn soup. The soup was a tad under seasoned, and made with chicken and not crab, and the noodles were acceptable, there was a nice black bean sauce on it.

Although the food wasn’t anything more than decent, I have to report some stellar customer service, and I mean it!
My lady did the ordering over the phone. This order came to 24 bucks including a 3 dollar delivery fee (seems like a lot, because it probably is, but there was enough food for both of us, so ultimately it wasn’t too bad). The fellow at the restaurant said unfortunately, you must order over 30 to get delivery. At this point, my girlfriend put on her girly charm and said something to effect of “this is my favourite restaurant, I’m sorry, but is there any way you can make an exception?” The person on the phone then asked the delivery guy, and they agreed that it was not a problem.

After about 30 minutes, the food showed up at the door. A really nice, soft spoken Asian guy named Kam, arrived with a big smile on his face – apologizing for being late – which he wasn’t. When we ordered, we stressed that we only had cash, and that we only had a 100 bill. They said no problem. Unfortunately for Kam, he didn’t have enough change – not even close. But we were the last delivery of the night, and he was on his way home – which is why he agreed to do the order anyway. After fumbling through our wallets, we didn’t have enough to pay for it, so we offered our visas. Our hypothesis is that the restaurant management didn’t tell him about out $100 caveat. Bambu doesn’t have a visa option on takeout, so Kam suggested to call the restaurant and they could take our card number down over the phone. We tried that – with Kam chillin in our door way - and it didn’t work, because they needed our signature. Damn.

We felt bad, but it ultimately wasn’t our fault. Kam was super nice the whole time; as we were trying to problem solve our way out of this predicament. He then said, don’t worry about it, I’ll drive back to the restaurant and get you some change. Shit…we were not about to make him do that, since our place wasn’t too close to the restaurant and it is on his way home at the end of the night. To make a long story even longer...we offered to come by the restaurant this afternoon to repay our debts. We gave Kam a nice tip, but didn’t pay our bill. He left in good faith that we would pop by the restaurant today to pay for our order, the whole time he was saying “it’s just 25 bucks” don’t worry.
This guy deserves a raise, and a pat on the back. We will be stopping in this afternoon to pay our tab, and we will make it a point to talk to the manager about Kam’s accommodating nature. Even though the food doesn’t blow me away, I will be back to Bambu.

2012 Apr 9
Am amazed at how busy this south end Asian restaurant (in the parking lot of TNT) was the two different week nights I visited. The large room is split into three areas, including a bar area with several tvs (they are positioned so they are not seen from the other two areas of the restaurant so they did not offend). Overall the space is modern with brown and cooper tones and lots of glass.

Enjoyed a mixture of Thai, Chinese and Japanese dishes:
- Thai Basil Beef
- Seafood Coconut curry
- Veg fried rice
- Chicken coconut curry
- Beef teriyaki

My favorites were the basil beef and chicken coconut curry because of the depth of flavours. If you are in the area, I would recommend dropping in.