Small variety store with deli department. Corner of Carling and Sherwood (111 Sherwood Dr, in small strip mall). Unassuming exterior. Close to Dow's Lake and the Arboretum.

Sherwood Market and Deli
Sherwood Market and Deli
Sherwood Market and Deli
Sherwood Market and Deli
Sherwood Market and Deli
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2011 Jun 23
Popped in here the other day for a couple of sandwiches for my boyfriend and I. I have wanted to try this place for a while since I've read so many great reviews here.

I was very underwhelmed by the sandwich. I had a chicken, bacon and avocado on egg bread with deli sauce. The bread was amazing, but the overall flavour of the sandwich was lacking. I only had one small piece of avocado in my whole sandwich and the chicken was very skimpy.

We had gone around 2:30 so maybe going well after the lunch rush was a bad plan, we'll give them another try, but with so many awesome sandwich places to choose from in this part of town they're 2nd chance will really have to impress to get our repeat business.

Not sure if I can buy a loaf of their egg bread to go, but if we can, then I would do that for sure!

2010 May 28
A wonderful find, I when in for my first time today and was amazed by the quality of their sandwiches. I had the Avocado, Bacon and Chicken on egg bread, it was tender and moist, the avocado was fresh and the lettuce and bacon crunchy... It was also very well priced.

2009 Jul 17
Egg bread is a must, I LOVE this place, I have yet to have a bad sandwich there. Admitedly I haven't been there in over 6 months but I don't expect the quality has changed at all. Sandwich lovers unite!

2009 Jul 9
I've been here once or twice, too, and it's delish. The egg bread's great, and the price makes it a veritable steal.

2009 Jul 7
i meant to say marinated artichoke hearts, not pickled.

i hope you enjoy your sandwich as much as we do zym. the egg bread is very filling and they only cut it part way through two slices so the fillings stay in.

2009 Jul 7
Hmmm, I've been meaning to go in there pretty-much forever, since I drive by it often enough when I take Sherwood from Carling to Parkdale. Definitely going to drop in sometime in the next little while.

2009 Jul 7
I have taken this review from a blog, but only because it matches my exact feelings. This is a great little hole-in-the-wall. My husband and his friends have been coming here for a few years, but I recently started stopping in. It is a great alternative to the Italian sandwich shops in the area, or any fast food sandwich shop.

Prices around $4, but I didn't look too closely at prices for the fancier sandwiches. My go-to option is vegetarian, on egg bread (Always get the wonderful egg bread!) with pickled artichoke hearts and avocado. Usually the avocado slices are generous.

My husbands favourite is the bbq chicken, with bacon and avocado on egg bread. We usually just let the guy make it his way with his sauce and additions.

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It looks like an unsuspecting deppanneur but if you walk in and wander towards the back you will see the display of salads and samosas and a long list of divine sandwich creations. My favourite would have to be the bbq chicken with avocado and bacon. They give you a choice of breads but if you don't specify they will prepare your sammy with some delicious spongy yellow egg-bread. They stuff the bread with a generous helping of shredded rotisserie chicken breast, lettuce, avocado and bacon and deli sauce which is a mixture of mayo, mustard and black pepper... mmm divine... at $3.99 it is not too bad on the wallet either.

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