Small variety store with deli department. Corner of Carling and Sherwood (111 Sherwood Dr, in small strip mall). Unassuming exterior. Close to Dow's Lake and the Arboretum.

Sherwood Market and Deli
Sherwood Market and Deli
Sherwood Market and Deli
Sherwood Market and Deli
Foods from Sherwood Market and Deli

Apr 21
Rizak any regrets after the fact for crushing that sandwich instead of eating it?


Apr 16
Damn you Risak! I work downtown and wish I could get this for lunch!

(Maybe on my next day off)

Apr 16
I crushed a turkey and bacon sandwich today for lunch with a bunch of my pals. It's a great, fast place to get a meal. The lines are starting to get longer, though.

Jan 1
Chicken, bacon and avocado sandwich on challah. Great value for 6.75 with non-processed cheese and chicken salad. Could benefit from banana peppers or spicy eggplant as it is creamy and delicious but a bit on the bland side. Would still highly recommend.

2018 Mar 1
I realized it had been forever since I had eaten a Sherwood sandwich when I saw Yuuuum's post the other day so I had to get in on that action.

Got the classic BBQ Chicken, Avocado, and Bacon which comes on delightully fresh Egg Bread with a slice of swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, and their special sandwich sauce. I opted for a no tomato version for messiness purposes.

I will tell you that the picture does not do it justice. The chicken was nice and meaty, well cooked and not dry, and when combined with the other ingredients and fresh bread it made for a filling and satisfying lunch. It's not crazy spicy or fancy but sometimes less is more. It was just a really good sandwich.

Side note: The mango flavoured diet coke I bought to go with it was much less pleasant (bottom left pic). Fruity diet coke was a let down - can't blame Sherwood for selling it! Let curiosity get the best of me lmao :P Definitely should have known better.

2018 Feb 27
Chicken Bacon Avocado sandwich, still amazing. More avocado today which was wonderful. Anyone ever ordered anything else here? Huge sandwich menu, but I love the classic so much I've never bothered.

2012 May 1
Mmmmmmmmmm Sherwood Sammiches.

Oh How I wish I still worked in the vacinity!

Chicken Bacon Avacado, heavy sauce! LOVE the thick cut bacon!

The egg bread definitely makes the sandwich. (Full loaves can be had at rideau bakery ;))

One of my favourite sangwedge spots of all time. ALL TIME!

2011 Jun 23
Popped in here the other day for a couple of sandwiches for my boyfriend and I. I have wanted to try this place for a while since I've read so many great reviews here.

I was very underwhelmed by the sandwich. I had a chicken, bacon and avocado on egg bread with deli sauce. The bread was amazing, but the overall flavour of the sandwich was lacking. I only had one small piece of avocado in my whole sandwich and the chicken was very skimpy.

We had gone around 2:30 so maybe going well after the lunch rush was a bad plan, we'll give them another try, but with so many awesome sandwich places to choose from in this part of town they're 2nd chance will really have to impress to get our repeat business.

Not sure if I can buy a loaf of their egg bread to go, but if we can, then I would do that for sure!

2010 May 28
A wonderful find, I when in for my first time today and was amazed by the quality of their sandwiches. I had the Avocado, Bacon and Chicken on egg bread, it was tender and moist, the avocado was fresh and the lettuce and bacon crunchy... It was also very well priced.

2009 Jul 17
Egg bread is a must, I LOVE this place, I have yet to have a bad sandwich there. Admitedly I haven't been there in over 6 months but I don't expect the quality has changed at all. Sandwich lovers unite!