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2013 May 29
This was my go-to place for cheap, tasty takeout when I lived in the area. Always wanted to dine-in at cute little location but never did.

It's nothing fancy and maybe not the absolute best quality-wise, but it's good and tasty and comforting like home cooking. I also feel you get a decent amount of meat and vegetables for the price you pay. I love the simple beef and broccoli dish. My boyfriend likes their pad thai.

The first time we did take out here , the package leaked and the broth within filled the plastic bag. It was frightening to think that could have been all over our car and clothes if there had been a puncture in the plastic bag. Ensure that the bag they give you has no holes before you leave!

After that experience we never had another problem. I would go back here and bring friends if I lived closer.

2010 Sep 17
I've dined at the Silver Spoon on Carling a few times and I've always left feeling pretty satisfied. I'm definitely no expert on authentic Thai food (although I try) so I cannot say whether or not this is what Thai food truely tastes like. Either way, I typically enjoy my meals quite a bit.

The service is decent (not always prompt though) and the dining room's decor is very basic but comforting.

I always love to get their shrimp Tom Kha soup. It's made with a lot of coconut milk and coriander. It's got a nice 'kick' to it, as well!

I usually get a curry for my main dish with some sticky rice on the side. (Mind you, that's what I usually get at all Thai places). I've never had any complaints about any of my curries than I've had at the Silver Spoon. (They do have this really interesting red curry with BBQ duck, eggplant and lychees).

It's also very convenient that this little restaurant is down the street from me. Maybe if it was a bit farther away, I wouldn't necessarily make a huge effort to eat there?

2009 Mar 4
I've had some reasonable take-aways from Silver Spoon, but also a couple atrocious ones.

Twice in one week, not long ago while on a kick, i took away papaya salads (som tam) that tasted extremely bland, and more like a Vietnamese "Goi" salad (and tasteless versions at that). As might be gathered from other posts, i'm somewhat suspicious of "authenticity" as a standard-bearing descriptor (esp. when applied to food that can be prepared in myriads of ways). But, then again, you can't just toss together a few items and call it what you want.

So, the convenience of their location will bring me back, and i'll probably stick to the basics here.

2009 Mar 4
I had been waiting to try out Silver Spoon since I had loved the food when the location was Chaopraya.

A friend and I dined at SS for dinner last night. The new decor is much nicer than it used to be when it was Chaopraya - for sure!

We ordered shrimp rolls (wrapped in rice paper with peanut dipping sauce), pad thai, yellow curry with chicken and potatos and the green mango salad. Quite a typical selection for western palates. The rolls were good although nothing spectacular. The pad thai was disappointing. The yellow curry was delicious! Smothered that sauce all over my rice and pad thai. The green mango salad was also very yummy!

All in all, it was good enough. For both of us, the bill was $60 (with tax and tip). Not sure it was entirely worth it but the prices at SS seem at par with other thai restos in Ottawa.

2009 Feb 5
Despite my initial hesitations, this place has become a favourite lunch spot for my mother and myself.

The curries are nice and filling without being heavy. The lunch specials are imaginative and you can get a whole range of dishes for a very good price.

I recently had a big bowl of chicken satay-esque soup here (one of the daily specials) and I was blown away by how good it was.

Service can be a little lacking when they're busy, but the good food at decent prices keeps us coming back! I would say that it's better than it was when it was Chaophraya!

2008 Apr 19
Went here tonight, the place was almost empty which made me a little sad since the food and service was so good!

We had the fresh shrimp rolls and thai chicken wings to start. The fresh shrimp rolls were very good, lots of veg & mint inside and not overwhelmingly stuffed with vermicelli. The peanut sauce that accompanied the rolls was quite good. The chicken wings were very, very good. Not a lot of meat on them though, which would be my only complaint. The sauce was sweet & spicy with chilis & onion throughout & a chiffonade of kaffir lime leaf was sprinked over the wings... totally awesome flavour!

We had the mixed pad thai, which included tofu, chicken & shrimp. It was very good, not overwhelmingly sweet like some others in Ottawa, and not a hint of ketchup thankfully. We had a tofu & mixed veg dish with basil in a sweet chili sauce. This was very good as well. The veg was prepared nicely, it was extremely fresh and the sauce was nice with a bit of heat.

Throughout our meal, the service was very attentive, they gave us water without asking and refilled throughout our meal. Drinks & food came quickly and hot to our table. The atmosphere was quite nice inside as well.

Overall, this is now one of my favourite thai places in Ottawa along with Nokham Thai. I'll definitely be back!

Note: Dinner for two, 2 apps, 2 mains, 2 bowls of rice & 2 non-alcoholic drinks came to ~$45. Good price for the quality & portions.

2008 Apr 10
the owner of Chaophraya (Bob and his wife) has sold the business last year, I have never been since.

2008 Apr 10
I LOVED this resto (when it was Chaophraya).

Does anyone know if it just changed names or owners? If so, how's the food now?

2008 Jan 26
Thanks, I've renamed it from Chaophraya to Silver Spoon.

2008 Jan 25
NB: this restaurant just re-opened and now operates under the name "Silver Spoon" (still a Thai place).







Feb 29
Pictured is the shrimp red curry with pineapple, tomatoes and red pepper with a side of Jasmine rice.

This was my first time as it is not particularly close for me but it was good. The decor is warm and inviting and the service was good. It was lunchtime and it got busy fast but we were served in a reasonable time. We had to flag the waitress for the bill but she gave it to us fast when asked.

The red curry with shrimp was on par with other of my favourite Thai places in town such as Som Tum, Viet Thai Red Pepper or Green Papaya.

Feb 29
My friend had the stir fried rice noodles with beef, basil and chilies. It looked very satisfying. i am trying that next.