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Red Curry, typically a Thai curry, that is red in colour and made with coconut milk.

Red Curry at Silver Spoon
Where to get Red Curry

2014 Feb 2
My wife had the red curry. I had a small taste. It was quite sweet and not to our tastes. I think this is a trend in Ottawa Thai restaurants, where the sweet starts to dominate. Definitely lots of coconut milk. Its not that this is a bad dish, its just not what we were looking for from a red curry.

Feb 29
Pictured is the shrimp red curry with pineapple, tomatoes and red pepper with a side of Jasmine rice.

This was my first time as it is not particularly close for me but it was good. The decor is warm and inviting and the service was good. It was lunchtime and it got busy fast but we were served in a reasonable time. We had to flag the waitress for the bill but she gave it to us fast when asked.

The red curry with shrimp was on par with other of my favourite Thai places in town such as Som Tum, Viet Thai Red Pepper or Green Papaya.