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354A Preston St / Tel 613.56-EARTH.

From their brochure: "Pure and Healthy Vegetarian Cooking"

Foods from Green Earth Vegetarian Restaurant


2009 Nov 10
Green Earth is a cult, I am not surprised workers are expected to hand over their money. I think the majority of cults expect that from their followers.

2009 Nov 10
New User 2235 - You worked there for no pay? Or were you the only one getting paid?

2009 Nov 9
Just thought I'd let you all know that Green Earth takes your tips and donates them to the Supreme Master. Your tips don't go to the servers. None of the people in the kitchen get paid, they all work for free and they work all day every day and every single penny you pay goes to the Supreme Master. I know this because I used to work there but I got the hell out of there when they told me I couldn't keep my tips and I found out that some of them were actually LIVING IN THE RESTAURANT

2009 Nov 1
the small soup bowl is BIG! its a good meal by itself, especially with the thicker selections like the Harvest Soup.

there is alot of soy protein on the menu which i'm not terribly a fan of; although i don't find them offensive at all as it is quite common in asian cuisine.

it's nice to have asian vegetarian, since there's alot of places around with the western menus (green door, the table, etc.)

i've had the Harvest soup, Tom Yum soup, Earth Warming soup, Burritos (or something like that), Three Flavours, Golden Crescent plate, Summer Rolls and Thai Banana Rolls.

the only issue i had was with the burritos... not quite their specialty. i'm going to stay away from the burgers as well... but those thai banana rolls will make up for it all.

the supreme master tv i didn't mind so much. it's not that difficult to just turn away.

i'll definitely go back!
it's nice to have some variety in Little Italy!

2009 Sep 19
I finally got around to trying this restaurant after hearing about it for a while now. I had the Tom Yum soup to start, and was shocked from the first bite at how flavourful and spicy it was (good thing). Also tried the fried yam/prawn type things (can't remember the name) and was a little creeped out by them to be honest - taste, texture and look was eerily similar to the real thing, but to each their own.
I chose the 3 flavours for my main, a mixture of pumpkin, tofu, eggplant, mushrooms and peppers in a garlic-y sauce with a side of rice. It was good! I could have done with fewer honkin' pieces of peppers and more tofu, but the sauce was delicious.
I would definitely go back. The menu is huge (my hunger went into overdrive and I took about 20 minutes to finally choose something) and the service was quick and efficient. Yay!

2009 May 7
I live a few blocks away and tried it a few times now. I'm not going to pan the place but it's about as inspiring as a sneeze.

My girlfriend and I have done the buffet, a couple of their appetizers (miso & veggie roll), a veggie burger and what I think they called a burrito I can't remember it was awhile ago.

Not impressed, won't be going back unless I'm pressed for food and my kitchen is empty. Without doubt, everything I have tried there I can make from scratch and feel a lot more satisfied with the end result.

The staff are nice, the perpetual screening of the supreme master claptrap is the decider for me, I'd rather have a vacant headed server in the Heart & Crown than a vacant headed religion being beamed at me.

Unlike the other commentator I found their little 'keepsakes' really offensive and the sort of thing I have found non-veg/vegan friends point to and bitch about when the topic of diet comes up. I mean really does ANYONE need to see badly rendered clip art images of chickens, dolphins and cows saying "I pray for you" "we love you" etc etc?

No, I think not.

2009 Apr 21
We went just after it opened in February. It was really good. You can tell there is a big demand for this sort of place considering it was so busy.

The prices are reasonable and it is a good place to try fake meats if you haven't had a lot before. I tried the fake meat rotisserie which was tasty and filling.

We will definitely go again.

2009 Mar 9
just an FYI, if you are interested in what 'supreme master tv' is all about, you can see it online

they also host a number of vegetarian websites.

2009 Mar 9
i tried this place last night with two non-vegetarian guests (one being my husband), i am a vegetarian of 20 years. i walked past the restaurant on my way home from yoga sunday evening around 6:30. it was very busy with a huge table of people at the front. my friend and i decided to order dinner to go, but went home first where i have a take-out menu.

> as a side note, on friday i received the take-out menu in my mailbox along with two pages of propaganda from the supreme master. my favourite part was the cartoon chickens saying 'We Pray For You'.....

so the menu is huge and we had a hard time deciding what to order. my husband and friend went back to the restaurant to place the order, which was a good thing because the take-out menu doesn't describe the dishes in much detail, but the in-house menu does. the supreme master tv was entertaining, but weird.

i'll go by what we each ordered and how we felt about it:

crispy wontons - these were very bland on their own and had very little filling, the spicy sweet sauce with them was great (i stole some for my meal)

spicy tofu with lemongrass - it was slightly spicy, but he felt it was bland. he likes tofu, but is very particular about texture and flavour.

he said he wouldn't return because of the supreme master propaganda and the bland food. i think that it was his meal choices and want him to try some other dishes....

friend: she had the budha burger. the take-out menu has no burger descriptions, when we ordered we had to have all the burgers explained. i can't remember the description of the burger, but it was a tofu type patty with traditional burger toppings and a salad on the side. as it was, the burger was mostly chewy tofu, which didn't go over that well.

me: summer rolls - these were mostly good, but the soy protien ham in them was too much. i had to pick out all the ham. i also wasn't loving the peanut sauce, so i stole the sauce from hubbie's wontons.

vermicelli with spring rolls and soy protien - the vermicelli wasn't the vietnamese type, it was more spagetti, the toppings and herbs were sparse, but there were big strips of soy protien type beef. the sauce was very bland (i am a vegetarian, but i eat fish sauce and this sauce had no fish, just a vinegrette). this dish was nothing like the vietnamese vermicelli bowls i get in china town, which i sort of expected, but wanted to try anyway. the spring rolls in the dish were really good, nicely crispy with a tasty filling.

for dessert we ended up with 3 orders of thai banana rolls (blame my husband as we were to share an order). these rolls are deep fried in a spring roll wrapper with banana and coconut inside. we LOVED this rolls. if you get them in the restaurant they come with ice cream, but for take-out they are plain. i don't know if the price is slightly lower or not.

so my husband and friend were not impressed and won't be making a return, but i was ok with my dinner and will return to try more items. i am not a fan of fake meat and will stick with tofu options.

on the plus side, the take-out containers are compostible cardboard, the dishes came with lots and lots of sauce in tiny plastic containers which was good since we ended up mixing the sauces between dishes.

i have no problem with the supreme master information and i am really happy to have a vegetarian restaurant so close to home. i will keep trying dishes and find the best ones out of the long list.

2009 Mar 4
I'm swapping perspectives w/ Mers on their soups.

I found their Hot and Sour not bad (not stunning either), and their Tom Yum quite weak ... like it was lacking in key ingredients (hardly a hint of lemongrass in the one i had).

So, its likely they're still in a finessing / refinement stage, but that's nothing to dissuade me from returning.

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