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354A Preston St / Tel 613.56-EARTH.

From their brochure: "Pure and Healthy Vegetarian Cooking"

Foods from Green Earth Vegetarian Restaurant


2014 Apr 2
This restaurant is now closed.

2013 Jan 16
The reason for the inconsistency is because there are different chefs. On the weekdays, Monday-Thursday, the brother of the owner prepares the food and it is delicious. From Friday-Sunday, the manager cooks and she is fast but does not cook as tasty as the weekday chef.

2011 May 6
Ok so I see what people mean about consistency.

We went back yesterday and I got the same dish (pineapple fried rice)I had last time, and the flavour was flat. Whereas last time there was a really appealing "toothy" quality to the rice with lots of great soy/ginger flavour, this time the rice was loose and bland, and the portion was much smaller. After loving the dish so much the first time, I was very disappointed.

My husband had the pho. It was very heavy on star anise and was crying out for some lime or something to add punch. It had fake beef, pork, and tofu.

We had the fried wontons as a starter. The wrappers were a bit thick, but they came piping hot and crispy.

There was a table near us that got the "soy roast", and they were all raving about it. Something to consider.

We'll keep going back from time to time, but probably not as regularly as we had originally intended. Bummer!

Should have had the banana spring rolls....

2011 May 4
My wife and I are huge fans of the food and the service at this affordable vegetarian restaurant. Most of the dishes are delightfully seasoned, and texturally balanced (a big thing for me).

Favourites of ours are the Spicy Lemongrass Tofu (unbelievable flavour explosion with each bite) and Three Flavours, a hearty dish with pumpkin and squash and other veggies in a great sauce.

The staff are amazing - friendly, polite, helpful, respectful and flexible. They are really kind people too. I would highly recommend eating here!

2011 May 4
I should point out that the banana spring rolls with home-made ice cream are a religious experience.


2011 May 4
My husband and I ate here last week.

Given the reviews here, I guess we got there on a "good" day. The food was tasty, and the service was really friendly. Yes the religious tv channel was on, but there was no sound, and the waitress said nothing about her beliefs to us. She just gave us really friendly and helpful service.

My husband ordered the lemongrass tofu, which she recommended having with the fake chicken instead. He agreed but was a little freaked out by just how much it resembled real chicken, skin and all. The flavour and texture were good, though, and the portion was generous.

We split the golden rolls, which were spring rolls with fake pork. They were ok. A little mushy and "meaty", especially for a vegan roll.

I had the pineapple fried rice - so delicious! I am looking forward to having this again. Great portion, tasted of soy and ginger, and a great texture to the rice. It had peas, pineapple, and little pieces of fake meat. Thankfully the pieces were small, so they were unobtrusive.

I also had wonton soup. The wontons were filled with tvp, and there were slices of fake pork and tofu in the broth. The pork was convincing enough to be a little unsettling. Overall, it was good.

We are not really big eaters of fake meat, since it's so processed, and we were surprised by how much of it is in the food. If you're vegan because you don't like eating animals, then the similarity to meat might creep you out a bit. If you're a meat-eater or vegetarian who misses meat, you might love it. We are definitely going back, but we're going to look for menu items without fake meat.

I would recommend giving it a whirl. We'll definitely be back.

2010 Dec 29
My associate and I visit this restaurant on a regular basis. The food quality and quantity is far from consistent. One major flaw that I have noticed is the failure of the staff to discourage patrons from taking a fresh plate when getting a second or third helping. Instead you see patrons making a bee line to the buffet table with their soiled plates. Then you see the patrons taking the serving spoons and dumping food from the trays to their plates. The serving implements actually make contact with the soiled plates. One can only imagine the saliva being transfered from the plate to the tray and then onto the next patron. Yummo.

2009 Nov 13
dumpy - the burgers are ok. they would not be the first thing i ordered on the menu. when i tried it (shortly after restaurant opened), they were not like a traditional veggie burger, or like dick's drive-in veggie burgers. i find their strengths are their more asian inspired dishes and not the burgers/mexican style food.

2009 Nov 12
I believe I'll be deleting the off topic comments under this vendor (including this one). Talk of cults is counterproductive here -- major religions would be called cults if they didn't have so many followers.

Let's talk about the food! :-)

2009 Nov 12
perhaps we steer the discussion back to food while political/religious comments can be directed to an appropriate forum thread.

has anyone tried the "burgers"? edible? yes? no?