Foods from Buttercream Bakery

2015 Aug 6
Don't hear too much about this place online but dropped in after a mid day pint at Patty's Pub and have to say it's a diamond in the rough.

You'll need to keep your eyes open for this bakery as it's almost invisible from the street. If you can find it though (beside Havana Cafe if that helps) it's worth it as I think they make the best scones and butter tarts in town. Also tried an eclair and a danish. Eclairs filling was good but I prefer fondant top. Danish was super flakey.

Went late on a Saturday and there didn't seem to be much left on the shelves which is either a very good thing or a very bad thing. Older lady at the cash assured me they have far more products in the morning.

Not the most impressive atmosphere but the product is quite solid and definitely worth checking out if you're in the area.

2012 Jun 3
I went here not all that long ago and did not buy anything because I found it way overpriced. Maybe they have adjusted their prices? New User 4798 can you tell us a bit about their pricing? If they are more reasonable, I'd certainly drop by again.

2012 Jun 3
This is by far our favourite bakery in Ottawa and I can't recommend them highly enough. We go at least weekly and always get croissants + scones, in addition to whatever else catches our eye. I can't praise this bakery or its personnel highly enough, for both are wonderful. Their scones are full of berries and a great size; the croissants are buttery and sweet, crumbly (don't eat them in the car!) but not too decadent. A must try on both accounts (we love the blueberry scones best!) The cinnamon buns are a must try (best ones this side of Pakenham) and the streusel (stuffed with pear and apple, yum) should not be missed. The Nanaimo bars are great, the chocolate candies (raspberry, caramel, etc.) are fantastic - rich, well flavoured, and well sized - and incredibly satisfying. The fudge is great - creamy and delicious, but not too rich. The bread is fantastic and nicely formed (no huge air pockets!) and the tarts are all decadent and well filled. It is clear they make their own components (crusts, fillings, etc.) and you can tell the difference. They don’t skimp on quality or quantity. Additionally, you can also get several things from the freezer, including pastas (we've had several and they are fantastic), and a number of soups (also delicious).

2011 Aug 10
Buttercream Bakery has new owners. I stopped in today and met one of them, who told me they have owned it for about a week now. They formerly were with Les Fougeres in Chelsea, and will be phasing in some of their new products, including more savory items, over the next few weeks. new owner seems young and very enthusiastic, so will be trying some of their stuff and hope they do well.

2011 Feb 6
stopped in here yesterday and picked up 2 items: black bottom square, which was very nice - chocolate/meringue/walnuts and chewy, delicious! Not so happy with something called the Buttercream bell. It was $6.95 for a single serving, but it intrigued me, and the reality was not so thrilling. Nice moist chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream center, but the whole thing was covered with hard chocolate. I found the combination strange, and difficult to eat, Like a sandwich of chocolate cake and hershey bars. Not to my taste, but to each his own.

2010 Dec 22
Yum! We ordered a Black Forest Cake for DH's Birthday. Every year, we order one, and every year, he says "meh". So we keep trying!
This year, we ordered from Buttercream Bakery and we hit the jackpot!
We're going back next year. This was not the typical fluff cake. It was flavourful, slighty dense chocolate cake, with real sour cherries, and delicious whipped cream (no edible oil product!). It was presented with laticed whipped cream on the top and choccolate shavings.

When we picked up our cake, the gentleman was friendly and helpful, and even gave my kids a cookie!
A delicous treat, and a definite order again!

2009 Jun 20
This is one of my favorite places for breakfast on my way to work, a quick lunch or a meat pie for dinner on the way home. Our personal favorite is the lamb pie - great herbs in the crust and lots of meat inside. The instructions they give for cooking at home are great and leave you with a nice brown crust.

In the morning I love to buy their raspberry scones, with realy raspberries, they are nice and large and are neither too sweet or too tart.

As I am typing I am enjoying one of their pizza rolls shaped like a big cinnamon bun! Very yummy even though I bought the day olds.

2009 Apr 11
I bought an herb & balderson cheddar cheese bread here today - amazing. It's a bit expensive at about $6 a loaf, but I feel it's justified with the quality (it's old or extra old, was quite sharp) & quantity of balderson cheddar baked into the bread. Service in the store was excellent, they took time to explain some things to me and offered up samples, etc.

I also got the lime tart. The lime curd was excellent (good balance of tart & sweet), and the tart crust was baked perfectly.

2009 Feb 16
I paid my first visit to Buttercream Bakery last weekend after receiving glowing reviews from two colleagues with sweet teeth. When I dropped in on Saturday afternoon they had my favourite dessert - crême brulée! I usually get my crême brulées at La Première Moisson in Montreal. Their crême brulée is my absolute favourite so Buttercream Bakery had some pretty big shoes to fill-;) I also picked up a chocolate croissant on my way to the cash. So on Saturday night I tucked in with my vanilla hazelnut coffee and my crême brulée and my heart sunk. The custard is quite thin compared to what I am used to. I found the custard was more vanilla pudding consistency compared to the nice dense custard they make at La Première Moisson. And the burned sugar on top that I look forward to was non existant. It looks like they just sprinkled a little nutmeg on top.

I was also disappointed with the chocolate croissant I bought since it was bread like in consistency. I prefer the rich buttery flaky croissants from the French Baker. Buttercream used a nice chocolate though...

I noticed they had other items available for sale such as quiches, meat pies, etc. so I might like to try one of the other items on my next trip to Old Ottawa South.

2015 Aug 6
Interesting variation on the almond croissant here: They're flat. Apparently it's more authentic that way. Tasty if a bit light on filling.

2015 Aug 6
Fantastic, huge, buttery scones. Seemed pricey at over $3 but they look to be nearly twice the size of scones at some other bakeries. Had blueberry.

2015 Aug 6
My favorite butter tarts. Perfectly soft filling without dribbling all over. Multiple kinds including a peanut butter, banana, and bacon.