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2015 Mar 22
We were here recently and were a bit disappointed, both with the food but especially with the service or lack thereof. We were there at noon for the lunch buffet and the dirty plates piled up - never once did anyone come by to clear them. The food was all right, the naan is still delicious but the tandoori chicken was very dry. Not in a hurry to go back which is a shame because we used to love the place.

2015 Mar 22
We went last night and I have to agree with everything that CC wrote below.

The place was eventually packed after we got there and the takeout/takeaway business was booming all through our meal.

Service was indeed very slow. Not relaxed, slow. They didn't fill the water glasses. It took 10 minutes to get that done with hardly any other customers. When the meal came and she had forgotten to bring the rice, it took another 10 minutes with our dishes cooling on the table. I had ordered a beer the first instant I found and finished it before the food came. Only when they were clearing the plates was I asked if I wanted another. I suppose I could have asked, but it wasn't on my mind at the time. I just wanted to eat. It seemed odd that she would ask when removing the dishes.

The food was pretty good, but nothing stood out. Papadum were pre-made. Naan (both white and whole wheat) were fresh and tasty. We had asked for mild spice because of one of the people at our table, and it was very mild. I can't complain about the taste when we had asked for very little spices. Everything was very well prepared, but really the only complaint I'd have was with the level of taste (which had asked for).

I'd certainly consider going back or doing a takeaway.

In my mind, nothing will beat The Roses (Four Roses?), but they don't exist anymore.

2015 Mar 18
I look back in the reviews from 2011-12 and see that Aahar must of had its heyday.

We (2) had the fish pakora and onion bahji starters, followed by the murg lamb, aloo gobi, and the smashed eggplant with peas curry. Plus rice, a naan and 2 tandoor roti.

Bread was ultra fresh, nice textures and had good sopping power ... but the food, in general, was just OK. No dish really stood out. Nothing bad ... but no 'wows!' or 'gotta go back for that again'. Not even excited enough to take foodie pics.

The service was forgetful, tired, uninterested, slow and just down right cold. Come on ... smile ... or engage ... or at least ask how our meal is doing ... or refill our water glasses ... please.

The Indian background music only showed up for a few minutes at a time.Sad.

No plans to return ... unless they get back to their glory days.

2015 Jan 19
Still love this place. Consistently quality food, always friendly service, and aloo matar to die for. Our go-to for Indian.

2014 Jan 20
Still, the page performance characteristics are sub-optimal.

2014 Jan 19
Rizak. Try moving your pointer quickly to the page scroll bar (right side of browser) once you have the desired menu page rolled into place.

Works for me.

2014 Jan 19
Their online menu listing is maddening! The only way to read it is to get the page to slowly scroll over and try to get it to stop by moving the mouse over the page you want to read which DARKENS THAT PAGE, MAKING IT DIFFICULT TO READ!


I really want to give it a try sometime soon, though.

2014 Jan 18
My son refers to Aahar as "the good Indian restaurant." We've been happy with literally everything we've ordered. I'm a particular fan of the egg biryani, and the baigan bartha. Both my wife and son adore the chicken tikka--it's often the reason we go there. The vegetable pakora are great, and the cheese pakora was both new to us and totally delicious. We've never eaten in; a take-out order takes about 35-40 minutes to be ready, and the one time we ordered delivery it took about an hour and change. A bit long, but the food is so excellent that it's worth it.

2013 Sep 6
I can't believe no one has commented on this place since 2012. We were here yesterday for the buffet lunch and it was delicious. We come here maybe 4 times a year and enjoy it each time. The buffet is $12.99 and yesterday offered butter chicken, lamb masala, tandori chicken, a cauliflour dish, paneer, rice (of course) pakora, samosas and I forget what else - a couple of other things. This time, the naan was at the buffet station, the last time it was served to us at the table. I much preferred it when they brought it to the table as it was lighter and fluffier, although we still managed to inhale a few pieces. I know there is road construction going on in front of the place, but the food is so delicious it is worth a trip. Go, you won't be disappointed.

2012 Jun 5
Hold on, everybody. I think I may have found the best Indian food in Ottawa.

Before going to see "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" this weekend (what a sweet movie, by the way), we decided to make it a theme night of sorts and go out for a curry or two. We were on our way to Ceylonta (no offence, Ceylonta, I still love you) when we drove past Aahar. I've been wanting to go there for months, so we did a u-turn and headed for Aahar -- and I am so, SO glad we did.

We knew we were in the right place as soon as we stepped into the dining room, as the most tantalizing aromas you could imagine wafted under our noses. We were already hungry, but we were soon positively famished after seeing and smelling all the goodness on the other diners' tables. We had a hard time deciding what to order (mostly because I wanted everything :D ), but finally we chose to start with some samosas, followed by beef biryani, lamb Madras curry, and some naan.

The samosas were, hands down, the best I've ever had. Perfectly spiced, juicy chicken, and creamy potatoes and peas. I often find samosa fillings too dry, but these were spot-on. The biryani was excellent -- even better than the one I make, if I do say so myself ;) -- with perfectly nuanced spices. The lamb in the Madras curry melted in my mouth, and the pillowy-soft naan was put to good use sopping up the sauce. (Cilantro haters be warned: my SO got a soapy surprise in the form of fresh cilantro sprinkled on the naan. I thought it was great.) Best of all, we got to enjoy it all again the next day since we had enough leftovers for a light dinner!

I can't wait to visit Aahar again; the butter chicken and channa masala are calling my name. The only thing I would change next time would be to order my dishes medium instead of spicy (you have the choice of mild, medium or spicy); I have a ridiculously high tolerance for heat for a Maritimer raised on meat and potatoes and my lips were burning a bit by the end of the meal. Be warned! They're not kidding when they say that the spicy dishes are spicy! The service was quick and polite, the beers (Cheetah and Kingfisher) were cold and refreshing, and we left very satisfied indeed.

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2017 Apr 22
The Alta Vista location has a sign out saying they serve breakfast. This may be the only Indian breakfast available in a restaurant. Will have to check it out sometime!