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2017 Aug 21
Another Aahar hot tip - half price Tuesdays (dot) ca

$100 in gift certs for $50.

2017 Aug 20
My brother and his wife took us to the Churchill location for a nice Saturday dinner. Like the Alta Vista location, the dishes here are full of flavour and a little less over-the-top rich and creamy compared to other restaurants. We've heard this described as being more like real home cooking than anywhere else. In any case, Aahar is quickly becoming our favourite place for Indian food.

The restaurant on Alta Vista is newer and nicer and better smelling than the one on Churchill and I seem to remember the naan was more nicely charred there than what we had here, but everything else was at the same high level of deliciousness.

The Onion Bhaji (top left in picture) is always worth getting. An appetizer dish new to me was the street food (chaat) Aloo Tikki, a delightfully spicy potato dish involving chick peas, tamarind, mint, coriander, and yoghurt. This flavour combination was through the roof. One to add to the list for next time!

My all time favourite south Asian dish, Dal Makhni was beautifully done here. This dark and saucy lentil dish was pure delight when scooped up with naan. This is a food that makes me forget that meat even exists..

My kids like Butter Chicken (or more accurately, the sauce eaten with rice). Aahar's version is tasty and rich, to the point where I'm sure it would make anyone very happy.

The Saag Paneer was loaded with paneer and had a nice rich spinach flavour. It isn't something I normally go for but I thoroughly enjoyed it anyway. :-)

A big thumbs up all around!

2017 Aug 19
We do Churchill regularly, but stick to our favourites-- dal makhni and aloo matar-- so can't offer any recent feedback on the rest of the menu, though I can say we've rarely been disappointed when trying something else. Those two are just the real standouts for us.

2017 Jul 31
Which Aahar did you guys frequent? I went to the Churchill one for dinner and was not that impressed.

2017 Jul 21
Hot tip - they also allow take out buffet. Depending on how well you pack the 'to-go' container, it can result in tremendous value.

2017 Jul 20
Had the buffet for lunch today - good food and good value. The spread was not as big as some places but that would be expected in a tiny establishment like this. They had the bases covered and I was definitely not disappointed. I also got to enjoy a Cheetah Pilsner - my first time having one and I found it went extremely well with the food.

2017 Apr 22
That was some rather delightful chicken kebab... pretty sure it was the Malai Kabab - "Tender pieces of chicken breast marinated in cashew nut cream cheese paste with our special spices and grilled in the tandoor to perfection."

2017 Apr 22
What's the dish that looks like white chunks of something with orange slices on top, at the nine o'clock position?

2017 Apr 21
We visited the new Alta Vista location as a big group, courtesy of my brother's father in law who is a regular here. Our feast was a lavish one! The starters of onion bhaji and veg samosas were fresh and awesome, as was the naan.

Really, everything was of excellent quality. Most of it seemed a little underseasoned but that is likely entirely because we asked for mild spice levels so the kids wouldn't cry.

My wife commented that she felt really well after her meal here. Often at other Indian restaurants the richness of the butter and oil laden dishes gets to her.

Mango lassi was top notch according to my kids. My son discovered that he now has two favourite Indian foods: butter chicken and vegetable khorma. :-)

2016 Jul 26
New location on Alta Vista. Awesome naan bread!


2017 Apr 22
The Alta Vista location has a sign out saying they serve breakfast. This may be the only Indian breakfast available in a restaurant. Will have to check it out sometime!