This small chip wagon shares the parking lot with a Beer Store and Produce Depot. You certainly would not come here for the atmosphere, which is almost non-existent, however, there are a few picnic tables setup just outside with a nice view of Carling. But if you are in the market for delicious fries and poutine, this is THE place to visit.

Fries at S&G Fries
S&G Fries
Poutine at S&G Fries
Poutine at S&G Fries
Foods from S&G Fries

2012 Apr 29
After my favorite chip place Crispys has headed downhill and has started the trendy thing of living off their reputation I started my search for a new truck. After reading some reviews this seemed a good start. I wanted to try the fries before ordering poutine. Wow some pretty awful fries. These were soggy and on the oily side which is passable but the weird thing is they had no potato flavor. I did have mine unsalted so I tried the salted ones my wife ordered again no potato flavor. The consistency of the fry itself had that powdery inside and I'm thinking frozen bagged from some supplier. Negative side $10 for a water,small,large fry and tip just to be chucked in the garbage half way through. Positive I'm a bit healthier for not finishing what were just plain bad fries. Starting to wonder where to get some crispy tasty fires in our city that has such and abundance of trucks. Have they all gone the way the lazy fry guy who ordered in his fries from a supplier.

2011 Sep 15
It's been a while since I last ate there, so it's hard to write with all that much detail-- but I'll throw my support behind S&G as a top-tier poutine in Ottawa, if not the best.
St. Albert Curds, real gravy, and thick and fresh cut fries in white styrofoam. The small is definitely enough for one person, and could even feed 2.
Only complaint would be with the prices that are fairly high .. but for a treat every now and again, it's easily worth the splurge.

2011 May 31
in my opinion ,, the best poutine in the city . the fries are fresh cut style not frozen , the gravy is real thick and he uses real cheese curds . ive been a fan of this place since 2000 . the owner is a real good guy and is very friendly. i give him a 9.9/10 and i think hes the king of the poutine to me.

2010 Nov 24
Those needing a map to the location, here is a Google Street View:,-97.15369&sspn=33.716271,70.751953&ie=UTF8&hq=beer+store&hnear=Carling+Ave,+Ottawa,+Ontario&ll=45.376715,-75.755906&spn=0,0.138187&z=13&layer=c&cbll=45.376649,-75.756056&panoid=DEEVsrkVOeqAlCWKmdlIBA&cbp=12,352.11,,1,7.22

2010 Nov 20
best fries and poutine in Ottawa.
Steve never forgets a customer and customers never forget Steve

2010 Nov 12
While this place doesn't get any points for "pretty", it's very clean and sanitary, which can be hard to find in a chip stand.

Also, the owner is very friendly, and it consistently amazes me how much he remembers about his regulars.

All of that is just a bonus to the great chips. The food is all high quality, but the chips in particular are perfect. Small enough they crisp (I dislike fries that are so thick they don't seem cooked in the middle), not so small they burn. Good potatoes, just a little bit sweet. Nice colour. Great texture.

I'm lactose intolerant so I've never tried the poutine, but people rave about it while they wait in anticipation of their guilty pleasure every time I visit.

Some will note the prices are a bit higher, but the portion sizes are ample and I doubt anyone reading this will need to be reminded that you get what you pay for.

All said this is a place I return to regularly.

2010 Sep 12
Caved and had poutine after years without it - this was the right place to go!

Good ratio of curds to gravy to fries - the fries held up well to the onslaught of sogginess.

I was supposed to save some for my dad...oops.

2010 Aug 3
I've stopped at S&Gs a few times for fries - they have always been excellent. I like them at least as much as Glenn's (Kanata). Its worthwhile to make the quick stop if you are rolling west on Carling.

2009 Jun 22
I was in the area today and stopped by S&G. I ordered a small fries and they are absolutely yummy. I notice some foodies here commented that the fries were a bit soggy in their poutine. But I thought they're just right, maybe the fries are less soggy without gravy...



2011 Nov 10
This is one of the better poutine's in Ottawa. I'd say it is probably my number 4 favorite.

2011 Oct 29
It's been years since I had poutine from S&G so it was high time to try them again! I picked up a "Regular" for $8.50 and brought it home to share with the fam as part of a nutritious lunch. ;-)

This is very classic poutine -- softish brown fries, dark brown salty gravy, and good sized cheese curds. The potatoes have an unusual tang to them. Maybe they have more Vitamin C than usual. Haha.. healthy!

This might be the most authentic poutine in town but it is not the best in my opinion. The magical crispy chips, sumptuous gravy, and generous curds of Crispy Chips and JP's Crispy Fries trump what I had here.

2011 Aug 1
I do not personally seek out poutine as a snack. But recently I was in the position of searching out the best place in town so that our 6 visiting European relatives could have that full Canadian culinary experience.

Darling Son says the best place in town is S and G Fries. He nailed it.

Being very healthy eaters, they weren't looking to go at this dish every day but they were very glad they tried and would happily go at it again. Though one dropped out early. She is super focused on eating well and won't be pursuing any kind of poutine again. There is no such dish in their home country.

Thank you S and G Fries for giving my Danes one more Canadian experience on their visit to Ottawa.

2010 Aug 6
I occasionally drop by for a poutine when I am in the area shopping at Produce Depot. I love how their gravy is slightly herbed and their cheese curds are big! They offer 3 sizes: mini, regular, and family size. Their titles are a little deceiving however, as the "mini" poutine is HUGE! Its more like a medium or large. I wish they offered a smaller size as I could never finish a "mini" by myself; I also don't like to spend $6-7 on something I can't finish. The place could use a bit of work; the food is passed to you through this small window and honestly, it makes it feel like a jailcell O.O!

Overall it is a good place to eat, although I still prefer to eat at the Fryz Guyz :)

2010 May 15
Yesterday my son had me stopping at S & G Fries for a poutine for him and a friend. They dug into the regular-size with glee. Both were pretty pleased with their lunch. My son has been there before a few times and swears it is the best in Ottawa. His friend says it is a very close second to the Blooming Onion. I got the small fry as usual but can say that from the 'Mom Tax' I took, the poutine is a hit and no one should be disappointed.

The fries are nicely done. You get a lot of curds (St. Albert). And the gravy is piping hot.

If you want to read the review on my blog and see pictures:

2009 Feb 5
Hands down the Best Poutine in Ottawa! Always a generous amount of delicious, squeeky cheese curds. The fries are made with real potatoes and not the crispy coated synthetic french fries. Brown gravy instead of the orange chicken gravy you sometimes get. The actual chip stand itself could use a little work, but I'm willing to overlook it because the poutine is so darn tasty!

2008 Jun 10
After finding out Perogies Takeout closes at 5pm on Mondays, my woman was pretty down. So I had to think quick, had to find a place to take her for dinner. Then it dawned on me, S&G Fries was just up ahead (just like the cartoons where the hero with the great idea has a light bulb appear above his head). So I made a quick right turn off Carling, because my idea came to me seconds before the entrance. We got out of the car and started making our way towards the chip wagon, greeting the annoying seagulls with a "shoo shoo". I also noticed their "Voted Best Poutine By The New RO Viewers" poster...why is it still up? New RO changed to The A-Channel in the summer of 2005. Should you be allowed to keep up Food Awards like that one, if itís out dated? Anyways we checked out the Value Combo menu and got what we wanted; the food was so-so except for the server being on the phone the whole time... whatís up with that? (this is where I do the laser beam sound effect)

2007 Nov 6
S&G has my vote for best poutine in Ottawa. The fries are fresh and somewhat soggy, there is an abundance of cheese curds and the sauce is gently herbed and spiced and always piping hot! A delicious and addictive combination!


2013 Apr 7
Smelled the fryers being fired around 11-ish on a Sunday a.m., while coming out of the next door Produce Depot.

Tried a small fry ($3.75) with a side of mayo and Rooster Brand sriracha hot sauce. Dipping in each sauce apart, or together is highly recommended.

Bottom Line: ______________________________

Not the best fries I've ever had but would drop in for a quick fix, if I'm going by and have the hankern' for a fry.