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2020 Jan 11
I stopped in for dinner last Thursday on my way to the Mayfair. I love their burgers but I decided to stray from my usual order and had the mac 'n cheese with bacon and it came with caesar salad and garlic bread. The mac 'n cheese had lots of bacon in it and had a nice cheese/breadcrumb crust. The salad and bread were nice but could have used way more garlic. The Beau's I ordered went well with the meal. Service was polite yet attentive.

2015 Mar 26
We arrived before our friends, and yes, I witnessed the introduction and the service our friend received dwindle from dismissive to rude. Our friend was being his usual outgoing, friendly self. The server scowled at him and would turn her back as he was saying his order/asking for a drink. I left after dinner but before the bills arrived. My husband stayed to chat to our friends for about 45 min after I left and filled me in on the rest of the interaction with the server when they were paying the bill.

The only explanation I could think of was that he's currently sporing a scruffy look. (He has his winter beard on.)

It was all the more strange because she was pleasant to everyone else at the table.

2015 Mar 25
@Mers - did you witness any of this (your friend's intro, the hostile and rude)?

2015 Mar 25
Met friends there for dinner last Friday and had a disappointing experience.

First off, the food that hubby and I had was good. I ordered the veggie burger on a wrap (so it would be vegan), and he ordered the steak frites. It was nice to have a veggie burger that wasn't the standard processed fare. It wasn't overly flavourful and a bit tricky to get the condiments into the wrap (but that was my doing). My husband likes his steak on the rare side and was pleased with how it was cooked. The frites were really fries but tasty.

Service started out good and tanked by the end of the evening. The server was very friendly to my husband, toddler and I but seemed to take an instant dislike to one of our friends. (He introduced himself to her and apparently, that rubbed her the wrong way.) She was hostile and rude to him throughout our meal. I left before the bills were paid but was told that she tried to charge cover even though the band hadn't started playing and made a snide comment when our friend gave her a low tip.

Won't be going back.

2011 Sep 28
Irene's Pub has a great soup and sandwich deal every day. Quite filling for a reasonable price. Full value for your buck and homemade too.

2011 Aug 26
Irene's Pub has lowered the price or their no-alcohol Becks Beer from $6 a bottle to the same price as a large soft drink $3.74.

2011 Aug 23
I wanted to like this place, I really did. And I really hate to write bad reviews... but here goes.

After reading a few reviews here, when Mr. rdmsgirl asked me if I wanted to see some live music on Saturday night at Irene's I was more than willing to venture out of the 'Burbs for some cider and music.
We were feeling peckish, and decided to stick with pub finger foods - nachos, wings, zucchini. Big mistake. I should have ordered a burger or sandwich instead. Dismally small portion of zucchini, though they were tasty - certainly not worth the price. Wings were ok, but the nachos were a huge disappointment. Barely any cheese , barely any topping at all, and no sign of the "in-house salsa" that their menu describes. Literally a handful of cheese, some chopped peppers and onions, and jalapenos. And they forgot the sour cream. The picture here is what we got. And no follow-up visit by our server to ask how things were, so I never got my sour cream and couldn't give feedback.
Oh well , there are other places for live music and cider :(

(Sorry for the pic orientation)

2011 Jul 30
If you have to ask, well, its a well kept secret.

BBQ burger and chips are very good but too much business often leads to slow service and even sometimes cold food.

When they are on, it is fantastic (the glebe meat market is next door, and they give the works a run for its money)

Live music has overtaken the pub, and for me it is now too much. Not because live music is undesirable but retired gleebe elites playing at being talented garage bands, takes me back to a place my parents thankfully never went.

2011 Jun 3
Those nachos look awful.

2011 Jun 3
Ilikerealfood, it's one of my fav spots for a pint and a burger. Really good pub food. Awesome free band every Sunday!


2010 Jan 26
The Cajun wings...

2010 Jan 26
Last night was my first time at Irene's. Its a narrow little pub that you likely wouldn't notice unless you were looking for it, but the food is decent and the service is friendly. The have a great selection of beer, whiskey and entertainment lined up and I'm betting would be a great place to relax and listen to music on the weekends. I was there for a friend's birthday, and as it was also Robbie Burns day, we decided to give the half priced haggis a try as an was stuffing. Anyway, as a main, I went with the wings. They had several options, all of the heats, sweet and hot, honey garlic and dry Cajun. I'm personally a fan of the dry spiced wings, so I gave them a go. They were good! Wing size were alright. The seasoning had a lot of salt, which is unfortunate, but never unexpected in deep fried. I had expected it to be spicy given that it was Cajun, but it wasn't spicy at all.

Wing size: 6.5
Sauce: 6.5 (in this case a spice..not at all spicy, and a little to salty)
Recommended Beer: Creemore or Mill St. Organic


2011 Jan 28
Over 16 types of good Single Malts and prices are not too high.
Recomend the Bruichladdie Classic Laddie. Really smooth and medium priced. Have not seen this Scotch in bars very often.

2011 Jan 8
Good price on Macallan's.


2011 Jan 28
They just got Hobgoblin in on tap. Great
Ruby beer from Britain
Not on tap anymore but available in 1 Pint bottle.