Lebanese bakery and convenience store at the corner of Carling & Broadview.

They are mostly popular for their meat pie.

Aladdin Convenience
Aladdin Convenience
Aladdin Convenience
Aladdin Convenience
Aladdin Convenience
Aladdin Convenience
Aladdin Convenience
Aladdin Convenience
Aladdin Convenience
Foods from Aladdin Convenience

2017 Mar 14
I don't remember to these new user/troll negative posts disappear over time? I'll go for the positive, this is one of my kids favorites stops on a Sunday for q quick lunch. Great meat/cheese pies and always very friendly honest service.

2017 Feb 26
Stay away! The most disrespectful thieves in Ottawa.

After ordering, the cashier tells me they don't have a debit or credit machine, he tells to withdraw from an ATM behind him which costs 2$, or walk to the gas station a couple of blocks away.

After paying and getting change back I notice I'm short, and after telling him and asking for my receipt the cashier screams at me and tells me to come over so he can search me that I don't have the change he gave me (which isn't there anyway). And how does it end after I refuse to be searched... He kicks me out telling me not to return again.

What I should have done, to prove it's not the money but the disrespect and humiliation, was throw the food back at his counter and walk out.

As for their food... It sucks... Low quality chewy pink meat, raw crunchy potatoes, bad seasoning and doesn't taste good

Staff hygiene? Better if they work in car repair and mechanics. Disgusting. Dirty hands, dirty uniforms, no hats or caps.

Stay away.

2017 Jan 7
I see that this place has been well-reviewed by other folks, but I'll give it a bump. I agree with what a previous reviewer has said, this place (both Carling and St. Laurent locations are good) is indeed one of Ottawa's best-kept lunch secrets. The breads have a satisfying chewy texture, and the various options - cheese, meat, meat+cheese, zaatar - are all delicious. My kids love the cheese pies. Cheap and satisfying - it doesn't get better than that.

2011 Dec 2
Could've sworn I'd already commented here-- but I'll say what I would've said before, which is that Aladdin is one of Ottawa's best-kept lunch secrets (though not among the students at the high school nearby..).

For $2-2.50, you get a Lebanese meat or cheese pie that will blow you away. It's so simple, so easy, so cheap, and so irresistible.

Lunchtime lines are often out the door, but the guys there are pros and everything moves quickly.

2011 Sep 3
Love the meat and cheese with lemon and spice! warm and yummy!

2010 Sep 12
I am moving out of Ottawa in the next few weeks and I think I am going to miss Aladdin's the most!

Meat pie with all the veggies, spice, and lemon. Can't find it anywhere else!

Edit: I thought about it too much and had to go over

I got

+ 2 meat pies with spice and lemon
+ 1 regular cheese pie
+ 1 potato and meat pocket
+ 1 cream cheese and olive pocket

I shared a half of one of my meat pies and half the cheese pie, but I uh...may have already eaten all the rest.

2010 Aug 27
I stopped in at Aladdin for lunch today, stood in a growing line and ordered a meat and cheese pie with extra spice and a zaatar 'n veg with spice. It doesn't take long to get them, the line moves along. Once bagged and paid for I headed off to my destination, oh they smelled so good on the car seat all the way there, and finally got to eat them (and it turned out I had to share with my sis). First up was the zaatar with veggies - tomatoes, onions and green olives - with a squirt of lemon juice and a dusting of ground hot chili pepper - what delicious flavours all in a rolled up freshly made pita. I loved it, sis enjoyed it but isn't familiar with zaatar so maybe it takes some getting used to. On to the meat and cheese pie - the cheese isn't very flavourful but the meat shines with flavours - think cinnamon, allspice, maybe cloves, hot chili powder. Really good, and sis's fave. Me, I enjoyed both. A lot.

Only bad thing is the parking lot - tiny - and there is no parking on Carling or Broadview.

I can't imagine coming here at noon once school's in as there are 2 high schools up Broadview. Lucky kids! All we had back in my day was the Lady Jane.

ps Malak Bakery/Cafe is in the same mini mall.

2010 Aug 26
meat pie perfection @ aladdin. it's all about the right ratio of meat, spices, tomato, onions cooked then baked on a perfect crispy edge & thin crust that isn't brittle then folded in half into meat flaps. sometimes these simple street snacks can overshadow any haute cuisine in flavor, satisfaction and definitely price point!

2010 Aug 26
meat & cheese pie @ aladdin. cheese here tasted like a regular mozzarella. not as strong and distinct as mediterranean bakery & pizza on alta vista. great pie and perfect thin dough with crispy edge and soft enough to fold without cracking all the way through. no mess.

2010 Aug 26
meat and tatoe lebanese pie @ aladdin. milder meat pie taste with a l'il zaatar, potatoes were thin and sweet tasting. comes in a rectangular pocket pouch rather than a half folded circle. not bad but i can see why just the meat pie (extra spice + lemon) is #1.



2007 Nov 29
I had one last night and it was so good. With spice and lemon. Warm, delicious meaty goodness.

2007 Sep 20
I agree.. the meat & cheese pies are delish!

2007 Sep 16
The meat pie is excellent and freshly warmed for you in the oven when you order. This place is worth mentioning for its cheap prices: the pies will run you 1.50$ - 2.50$.