Foods from PIZ'ZA-ZA

2014 Mar 14
Came here for lunch a couple of days ago and had their lunch combo: cream of celery and parsnip which was creamy and thick with a Piccolo pizza which is not on the regular menu. The pizza, as pictured, was thinly sliced ham on tomato sauce with shredded bacon, olives and green onions. Less busy than the regular menu pizzas but just as good. This is definitely one of my favourite pizza places in the national capital region. I have been coming here for years and the quality has been consistent.

2013 Jul 21
A consistently reliable spot for an above average, fresh, thin crust pizza. Pictured is la Rustique: bacon, tomato and cheese, a new addition to the menu.

2011 Aug 29
Me Likey!

Thin crust pizza, terrific patio, deep wine list (many available by the glass, how thoughtful) and branded glassware, should you be too drunk to remember where you are.

What we ordered: Carcutiere Pizza; tomato sauce, calabrese, capicollo, merguez, prosciutto and mozzarella ($12.75). Merguez sausage is a spicy North African lamb sausage, in this case, lean and small like a pepperoni stick. Nice crust. Crisp. Thin . Tomato sauce was not too sweet and overall, the pizza was not too salty (often the case when you group so many cured meats on one pizza).

Frijoles Pizza; black beans and hot salsa, smoked chicken, red onions, jalapenos, mozzarella and sour cream (11.75). Nice, but not on my pizza. I enjoyed my pizza, don’t get me wrong, I’ll go back to Piz-za-za in a heartbeat. The smoked chicken worked well against the purple onions, the light heat of fresh jalapenos and the tang of tomato sauce... not hot salsa. There was also a distinct lack of black beans.

What I read on the menu and what was served were two different things. A shame really; chose the Frijoles for its unique combination of flavours (as recommended by my server).

Was rescued from pouring rain by plucky server, she's my (new) hero. I'll be back, clearly I must "sample" more wine.

For the rest of the story, my blog: www.foodgypsy.ca

2010 Sep 22
Here is a poor picture of the Praline..mais bon..

2010 Sep 22
I went back a few weeks ago and sat on their patio. As stated before, this is one of my favourite place, the food has always been consistant, the service is always friendly and profesional.

Of course, I had the pizza tropicale, I crave and dream about that pizza all the time. Instead of going for my usual chocolate mousse, this time I tried the Mousse Praline. OMG..!!
Here is a description fro the site: Mousse pralinée (Praline-filled Mousse)
A generous helping of mousse, both light and unctuous, enhanced with hazelnut liquor and served with caramelized hazelnuts

The wine list is long and affordable. This time we opted for "Mapu", very good, under 30$ and also available at LCBO.

2009 Oct 10
I came here for the first time last night and I was impressed. The pizza's were a nice size for a single person, without grease and without substandard ingredients.

I had the Frijoles pizza which included black beans, jalapinos and a number of different tasty elements, I very much appreciated it. I didn't love the smoked salmon pizza, though that was simply a matter of personal preference.

(The double chocolate cheesecake was excellent as well)

The service was astounding, considerate of our needs including allergies without being intrusive. If you want a seat, come in for 6pm. When we left at 7 there was a lineup out the door.

2009 Aug 6
We finally got to try this out last night. Very nice atmosphere - casual, but comfy. We had a table on the side patio, with enough room to put down our 3 month old. Everyone enjoyed their pizzas. I would not say these were the best thin crust pizza's I'd ever had - I'd want them crispier - but they were very nice. The prices were reasonable ($6 for a starter salad, $12 for an individual pizza). I had a pizza with tomato, mushroom, green olives, onion, and prosciutto, topped with emmenthal. It was a bit salty - but what would you expect from green olives and prosciutto? Beer was good - had a Griffon Rouge on tap.

Note - the specials were a great deal - salad and a pizza for $12. The salad was zucchini and bacon - pizza was something with asparagus.

2009 May 13
This is one of my favorite spots too! I have been coming here for over 10 years. Never had a bad meal. A must try is the Tropicale pizza: tomato sauce, shrimps, manguoes, fresh coriandre, jalapenos, fontina cheese and sesame seeds. May sound strange to some, but so delicious! Also, the mousse au chocolat is to die for. I forgot about this place, thanks for reminding me about it!

2009 May 12
We love Piz'za-za, as well. We've been going here ever since moving to Ottawa 4 years ago. the pizzas are crisp, just the right size, and have interesting premium ingredients. The salads are fantastic -- my husband, who rarely touches lettuce, loves their salad which is similar to a greek salad (and yet different... the name escapes me... although its probably something like "a la grecque"). The salads are also served with a nice, warm breadstick.

The atmosphere can be a bit cramped, but overall the service is decent and the value great for what you're getting. Also, they have a huge wine list and also monthly wine tastings... we went to one which was great fun, although the fact that I don't speak French led to all sorts of interesting translations from my husband. Still, we got 6 or so glasses of wine, bread, and 2 pizzas for I believe $45 each (this was 2 years ago so prices may have changed, and I believe prices vary depending on the wine featured).

2009 May 12
Oh, this is a great restaurant. Every time I come here (generally lunch with colleagues) I think "ho-hum - all they have is pizza". But then whatever I order ends up being super tasty. The first pizza I ate here had tender little scallops and tiny shrimps. Highly recommended.

My standout meal here, though, was from two weeks ago when I had the smoked trout salad. I am not a salad-for-an-entree kind of gal (I like my carbs), but for some reason I felt like lettuce that day. I was thoroughly prepared for a bland, disappointing pile of grass but, wowza, it was delicious! The greens were fresh and varied, the house dressing was tangy, oily perfection, and the smoked trout (almost local, I think) was amazing!

I ate up every speck of it and didn't even want dessert, instead choosing to let the flavours linger in my mouth.



2009 May 12
Best antipasto in Ottawa! The plate is piled high with brie, provolone, calabrese, prosciutto, boiled eggs, pickles, olives, marinated artichokes, mushrooms, zucchinis and tomatoes and pesto. Use crusty bread to mop up the oil and spices used to marinate the veggies... delicious!!! Perfect for two; a steal at $8.75. I highly recommend!