Foods from Calabria Restaurant & Pizzeria

2013 May 30
Calabria will be closing at the end of June. The property management company that owns the building it is in will be renovated and will no longer include any commercial space: Hopefully the owners will consider relocating somewhere else.

2011 Jun 21
I hear ya HFF, but it still seems so pricey.

And this is actually the price for 1 pizza, they just happen to have '2-for-1', ie. if you only want one, $33 is what you pay, right?

I shake my head at how expensive non-chain pizzas are in this town.

No volume discounts usually, eg. a small might be $12, and a large which feeds double is $25, with the medium in between. The chains here, and pizza places in Mtl which I am used to for example, price reasonably, say Small$10 Med$12 Large$14 XL$16, and 2 of each is often only 50% more, say 2S$15-2M$18-2L$21-2XL$24.

Agreed, though, when the favourite joints are closed, can't get too picky.

2011 Jun 20
Bacon I.V. - sure $33 for 2 pizzas is more than pizza pizza charges, but the quality is better.

We usually get 1 large pizza from Lorenzo's or Pavarazzi's and that is $25 or more for 1 pizza.

From our Calabria order there was enough leftover for 2 of us to each have lunch for 2 days.

So, not my first choice if I just want 1 pizza - I'll stick to the places we already frequent. But for those nights my husband and I can't agree, we will definitely go back to Calabria.

2011 Jun 20
Amazing that a 2-for-1 deal ends up costing $33!

2011 Jun 20
Tried to order from 2 other pizza places on Sunday night and both were closed. I found a Calabria menu in our take-out pile and we decided to give it a try.

They have a 2 for 1 deal all the time, so we ordered 2 large pizzas. The total with tax was $33.

The vegetarian (requested no mushrooms): green peppers, onions, olives and sliced tomato. The toppings were skimpy. There was one round tomato slice on each piece of pizza. The other place we order from puts on diced tomato pieces. Tomatoes on pizza seem to hold the heat and can really burn your mouth when you bite in. I liked the thinness of Calabria's tomato slices - you could start eating right away. I just wish there had been more toppings. I was satisfied after 2 slices.

The Calabria special: sausage, bacon, green peppers, onion, pepperoni, mushrooms and anchovies. I didn't try this, but once again, it was carefully laid out so that each piece had a 1/2 slice of bacon on it and an anchovy, plus some of all the other toppings.

What I liked - price was good for what we got. The toppings were set out to ensure every slice had some of everything on them. Delivery was right on time and may have been earlier than 30 minutes. It was ok taste wise. Not my favourite, but I would definitely order from here again if our other places are closed.

What I didn't like - not enough toppings on each slice.

I would put Calabria quality between Lorenzo's (heavy, greasy pizza) and Pizza Pizza.

2011 Jun 7
We loved this pizza! and they have a double special that makes it very affordable!

real ingredients, the crust is bang on (we loved the thin crust), the tomato sauce is tangy and rich and tastes like real tomatoes.

we had takeout, service was great!

2011 Mar 10
This has been my standard "cheap" pizza for about five years now. Their quality is consistently high and the price is totally reasonable. Delivery is fast and reliable.

2011 Mar 3
AWESOME pizza. Real Bacon strips

2011 Jan 12
This place is diamond in the rough - literally. And so worth it - best pizza in the City and has been around for nearly 40 years! Homemade crust, sauce - totally authentic! Just go already! (Tip - parking lot is across the street - lots of room.) And I don't work there or know anyone - it's just that good I had to write a review!


2006 Dec 2
I really like Calabria pizza - it's one of my favourites. The sauce is flavourful and the toppings fresh and plentiful - lots of cheese!

One thing that I ADORE about this pie, is that the larger sizes come with a dough ball in the center, instead of those horrid little plastic trays.

They also have a wider variety of toppings then other pizzerias I find - my only complaint is that they use sliced italian sausage instead of crumbled - just a personal preferance of mine.

I personally wouldn't bother with other dishes - I've had some of thier pasta dishes (cannelloni, gnocchi, spaghetti) and been underwhelmed. The sauce was extremely flavourless (surprising since thier pizza sauce is so tasty).

Note: I've only ever had take-out/delivery from this place - the in house dining experience may be different.