Although the name denotes Vietnamese food the menu has an array of Asian stirfries and noodle dishes.

16-3777 Strandherd Drive

Barrhaven Vietnamese
Barrhaven Vietnamese
Barrhaven Vietnamese
Barrhaven Vietnamese
Barrhaven Vietnamese
Barrhaven Vietnamese
Barrhaven Vietnamese
Phở at Barrhaven Vietnamese
Barrhaven Vietnamese
Phở at Barrhaven Vietnamese
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2008 Oct 6
For the first time last week we did take-out rather than eat in the dining room. Everything was great and hot! But I must say I prefer eating in the Restaurant, the "ambiance" just isn't quite the same sitting on the couch in front of the tv.

2008 Aug 28
Dropped by here one night for a late night feed... as per usual everything was delicious.

The service continues to improve everytime we come back. I'm not sure if it is because I am becoming more aware of their culture and expectations, or they of mine.

2008 Jun 19
Went back recently and this time we had the "Dinner for Two (C)". In addition to the Soup, Spring Rolls, Rice and Fortune Cookies the mains this time round were Golden Fried Noodle with Chicken & Beef and Shrimps Simmered with Pineapple in Fish Sauce. All was yummy.

This visit we had really good service (maybe they are catching on)... the waitress even brought us a FREE side of Chinese Vermicelli, she suggested that we might enjoy it in addition to the rice.

I noticed that they are adding a patio for the warmer weather. I can't wait to visit with a group so I'll be able to try some new things by ordering individual dishes from the regular menu.

2008 Apr 13
As one of those who "wrote nice things" about this restaurant, I now find myself in a situation where I feel I have to respond.

I cannot comment on the reviews written by the Newbies, but I believe that what myself (Silver), and fellow posters RDMSGIRL (Bronze) and From Da Rock (Silver) have said are genuine reviews. I for one cannot say that everything in my post was all positive (nor was the majority of other posters). I did say I have had some issues with the service at this restaurant in the past, but that was as I learned later, primarily due to cultural differences. I have since tried to become more tolerant, and infact have had a better experience at this establishment (see my review below). Yes, I can admit it would be better if they reflected my Western expectations, but I do like the food, and have decided I'm willing to make the trade off.

After re-reading the posts here, I've noticed that the majority of them are not 100% positive, most of them have had issues with service. And that in the reviews they have made that clear. Issues include: a cool Welcome, forget things, lost in translation, don't come back to refill water - check on things, waiting for the bill, etc. But almost everyone has said they were happy with the food, and willing to overlook the hit-or-miss service issues.

Based on what ParryH has said I take it he too found the food was ok, the issue was the service, I'm betting this was part of that cultural divide. As I have learned the Vietnamese believe that not being disturbed (or even interacted with) is what is expected. I wish ParryH would come back to this review and elaborate on his experience, at least then things would be more balanced, rather than this flat out attack.

2008 Apr 13

Parryh: "They even have problem giving us the bill?" Does this mean they did not come to the table with the bill (When you were ready for it)?

Many Asian restraunts, because of their culture do not bring the bill unless asked for it. Some even want you to pay at the cash/counter. When you are ready.

And speaking of Asian restraunt culture, most servers will not come and ask "How is everything ?", during your meal. It's not wrong, just their way. If something is not right at your table ... they want to be alerted so they can address it.

I think both of these 'cultural' ways are based on the idea that the staff does not want to interrupt the diners.

2008 Apr 12
parryh, you do seem angry. We'd appreciate if you could share some details of what happened to make you feel this way. Venting is sometimes necessary but in general we prefer facts and information.

Please read rdmsgirl's comments below for an example of an informative negative review. :-)

2008 Apr 12
Most Horrible and ANGRY experience in my life. I have Nothing good to say about this restaurant, Nothing! I WONDER THOSE PEOPLE WHO WROTE NICE THINGS ABOUT THIS RESTAURANT WERE ACTUALLY PAID TO TO THIS. The food is just Okay, the service is Horrible, YES HORRIBLE! Don't argue with me that they must be busy, there were only 2 tables there at that time. They even have problem giving us the bill? Come on, even the McDonald's kids can do better, and with free smiles.

I went there because of all these nice "Reviews", Big Mistake.

This restaurant is my Number One blacklisted restaurant in Ottawa, period.

2008 Apr 1
Visited here midweek, they had a decent number of guests (not really busy). We walked in an were not greeted (this isn’t the first time this has happened here). You begin to feel unsure if you should “wait to be seated” or “seat yourself”, to be honest, I am still unsure of the policy.

Our server was friendly enough (albeit with an accent that is a little hard to understand at times). Menus and our drink order arrived quickly. “The Man” had a Budweiser, I had a glass of the house red wine. Their wine menu leaves a lot to be desired… it looks like something out of the 80s with all its “old standards” from France. If they are using a wine rep, they need to branch out, if not, they need to get some advice on this aspect of their offerings.

We have eaten here often enough to have a routine now (although from the other reviews here, I can say fellow posters will give me more courage to try new things... I find the menu overwhelming because I am so unfamiliar with the dishes).

As ususal we decided on one of the Dinners for Two. This time “Dinner for Two (B)”. The meal began with soup, the standard is Hot & Sour, but you can replace it with Won Ton if spice is an issue for you. “The Man” had the Won Ton Soup with BBQ Pork (lots of pork). I had the Hot & Sour, this version is different than those I’ve had elsewhere. The broth isn’t dark, but rather looks like they use tomatoes in the base. Infact although good, it has a taste that somewhat reminds me of that kid’s pasta spagettios. (Don’t ask me why, I can only tell you what I sense).

Next came the Spring Rolls. These are great, they come on a bed of romaine, a mint sprig and pickled carrots and a dipping sauce. We got 2 each (but could definitely have ordered more).

All the Dinners for Two feature 2 mains and rice. Dinner B, comes with Pork Sauteed with Black Bean Sauce; and Chicken Sauteed with Cashews and Vegetables. Both these dishes are great, and you serve yourself over perfectly done rice in rice bowls. If you want forks (chopsticks provided) or a pot of Chinese tea with your meal, you’ll have to ask.

Which brings me to my favourite part of eating at this restaurant, getting the bill. LOL, I get it now that Fresh Foodie has explained it to me… in the Vietnamese culure you have to ask to pay. Things have been a lot better since I now know this. Dinner for Two comes to $ 28.95 (before Booze, Tea, Tax & Tip). The bill also comes with fortune cookies… mine could easily have said “See you again soon”.

2007 Dec 26
This is definitely our favourite Vietnamese restaurant. We have visited at least a dozen times since they opened and the service and quality has continually improved (it wasn't bad to begin with but the service was a bit spotty initially) to the point that we don't get Vietnamese anywhere else. The servings are generous, always delicately spiced/seasoned and prepared with care. Ask the server what is best today and you won't go wrong. The breaded shrimp and quail appetizers are fabulous. Be careful to order using the numbers on the menu as your server may not be proficient in English, as with many Vietnamese restaurants. I would also strongly advise anyone with a food allergy not to bother, as again, like many Vietnamese restaurants the language barrier and not clearly understanding the concept (for example, a shellfish allergy does mean that oyster sauce can't be in a dish) may not be safely understood.
The decor is tastefully done, lacking the usual tackiness that is quite common, the servers are friendly--if you have a problem, especially language, I recommend you speak to the person behind the bar/cash as they are usually proficient in English and able to help out, and the food is quite outstanding.

2007 Oct 28
Really enjoy their Pho'. Broth is very rich with beautiful flavors, veg (Celery, carrot, green onion, etc) perfectly cooked and still had an excellent amount of crunch. Have had the Shrimp and BBQ pork with egg noodles- delicious! Neither the shrimp nor bbq pork was over cooked, they were perfect! Found that the egg noodles clumped together too much and were hard to pull apart. Most recently had the Shrimp and Chicken with rice noodles, VERY good! Chicken was tender and not dry at all and the shrimp was very crispy and sweet! Their shrimp rolls are excellent! Crisp and fresh with lots of peanut sauce on the side.
Only negatives are each time I've been they forget my sprouts and basil. I asked for it the last time and they still never brought me any.
Also, last time I was there they brought me my soup with a fork standing up in the middle of the noodles, I understand some people may prefer a fork to chop sticks, but present it with the bowl and lay it on the table rather than sticking up out of the soup! That said I'll still go back for the rolls and Pho'! I find they are the best place for Pho' in Barrhaven!

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2008 Nov 23
The Pho was good. Unfortunately, we were here on October 5th and I only now pulled the photo off my phone, so I've forgotten the finer details of the experience.

Lots of seating here and certainly worth visiting if you happen to be in Barrhaven. Especially after dropping your kids off at a birthday party around the corner! ;-)

2007 Oct 7
The inside of this restaurant is clean and neat and is not like those in Chinatown. Every one ordered Phở Tai (we had the one with beef and meat balls, #262 on the menu, see photo). The taste was not bad. But my friend told me their Phở is still next to New Mee Fung. Anyway, it is good to have a good quality Vietnamese restaurant in Barrhaven. Hurrah! Cheap dinner tonight, around $14 per person. Better than pizza or McDonald.