Local producers of fine cheeses -- was available at the Farmers Market, Lansdowne Park in 2006.

Their website lists the following local distributors:

Negozio Nicastro Il Negozio Nicastro
La Bottega La Bottega Nicastro
Pesto's Pesto's Deli

Cheese at Back Forty Artisan Cheese
Foods from Back Forty Artisan Cheese

2012 Sep 11
Back Forty has new young owners, Jeff and Jenna Fenwick. They still make the same old amazing cheese though! Highland Blue FTW!

2008 Jun 1
Make sure you get to the Carp market early if you want a wide selection. We always have a hard time making it there until later in the morning and they are either sold out or have a limited selection - the Feta was all that was available last time we were there.

2008 May 31
Highland blue is now available at the Carp Farmer's market. This stuff is awesome - super tangy blue cheese, very crumbly, moderately strong blue cheese mold flavour. It would make a great option on a cheese plate. I tried some in a grilled cheese with some cheddar, & mushroom Oka... it was INTENSELY cheesy. Pick some up while it lasts!


2007 Aug 26
Love it!

2007 Jan 12
My husband says he has seen it at La Bottega -- it's quite pricey there.

2007 Jan 9
Mmm..I tried their Highland Blue when I visited the Landsdowne Farmer's Market this summer...I savoured every last crumbly/creamy bite.

I have yet to find them at the actual stores (listed) though....maybe I'm not looking in the right place?

2007 Jan 9
Local makers of raw milk cheeses. I can recommend the Bonnechere and especially their Highland Blue.