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Harvest Loaf
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2009 May 14
Sadie, my friend Tim is the bread baker at Harvest Loaf. He worked at Pan Chancho in Kingston for 6 years and is re-working some of HL's formulas. I suggest you at least try out the breads.

2009 May 14
I completely lost faith in this place when I asked the person working the counter if they carried brioche and she responded by asking "what's that?". The quality of their stuff is completely negated by their uninformed staff who always act like serving you is a huge inconvenience. There are much better bakeries in the city with better staff.

2007 Aug 24
One word: Lamington!
These cakes are delicious in a way that is simple, not overly sweet or fancy, but very satisfying for the sweet-tooth. I think I'm addicted to them, they are something usual and a welcome departure from the usual bakery standbys.

2007 Mar 12
Excellent breads, cookies and pastries all-round. Their breakfast cookies are unique, and very filling. Very friendly staff.

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2010 Dec 9
I got to try one of the samples on the counter today - very good! Would definitely buy some if I were not unemployed.

2006 Dec 5
From a quest for great Tourtière by "seanchaidh" on LiveJournal (

"So far, so good. Both myself and my Acadian roommate are enjoying it; it reminds my roomie of her grandmother's tourtiere."

2007 Mar 31
They have plain white and hearty multigrain and whole wheat depending on who bakes and what time of the week it is it seems :-) Excellent buns that beg for 1/4 lb or more burgers flash-grilled extremely thinly about 2 to 3 minutes each side. Yum! Well done folks!

2010 Dec 9
I got a tiny sized Mince Meat sampler tart there today - really tasty!