Blue and Yellow Chip Wagon. Fries, poutine, hot dogs, smokies, pogos, burgers etc. Standard chip wagon fare. Fries are made FRESH BEFORE YOUR EYES. You can see the guy press the whole potatoes through the press and everything!

There are a few in the city I believe, the one that I know is always parked outside the Royal Bank on Wellington (about a block east of Parkdale).

Frenchie's Chip Wagon
Frenchie's Chip Wagon
Foods from Frenchie's Chip Wagon

2015 Jul 10
To be honest, the round serving dish threw me off-- I've only eaten poutine in squares and rectangles.

But it was good! Fries seemed fresh, and the curds were definitely layered which is awesome.

2011 Feb 15
FYI they've been there a lot the last few weeks and with the warm snap coming they should be there a lot more. Were there today.

2010 Apr 6
Thanks Zym:

I was on the way past just before the Easter weekend, and saw the new paint job before they returned to the street. Haven't been yet, but that first helping will probably taste like ambrosia. Then again, waiting a week for the oil to 'season' a bit is probably perfect, eh? (snerk)

Gotta say, weather was perfect for their return though, wasn't it?


2010 Apr 3
They're baaaaack!

They said they were delayed a couple days because they were giving it a new paint job :-)

2010 Apr 1
Still no sign - I'm starting to get worried :-(

2010 Mar 26
Have not seen it back this year - I live right around the corner from their usual spot. Will post as soon as I do see it though!

2010 Mar 25
Hey Guys & Gals...

Has anyone seen Frenchie's wagon?

It WAS parked in a lot beside the pharmacy on Wellington (A few blocks east of of the usual Royal Bank location) and was idle most of the winter. The wagon is now gone (as of about beginning of March)

I fear either the owner has had health problems and either retired or died.

I LOVED his chips, and would go out of my way to get 'em from him. I've roamed the streets around the area, even checking the spot behind the Civic where a wagon often sits. I saw one possible blue/yellow one, but its a 'Longs' wagon, sometimes at the Civic, sometimes in the Church lot on Wellington.

Anyone know where he is? Or know anyone that makes their fries the same way? I've yet to find anyone who makes 'em the same way as him (cooked but not 'crisp' like Glen's down the road (across from the Canadian Banknote building)


2009 May 28
It's usually right around the Royal Bank. The last few days it was on the side street beside the bank. Sometimes it is on the street behind the bank. On rainy days he sometimes does not show up but that's always the case even without construction.

2009 May 28
Where did he go now with the construction? Does anyone know his approx. hours?

2009 May 16
Ahh Frenchie's... what a place! Grab a cheeseburger & fries and eat it at the park just a few steps away. What a great neighbourhood! As F-i-H already mentioned, last I checked it was a skin-on fry, which tastes better to me, IMHO.



2007 Mar 12
This is practically right across the street from my house and it is pretty difficult to fight the temptation to go here more often than I do. Fortunately for my waist line I manage to keep it to maybe twice a month at most. Wow they make good chips! Fresh cut and cooked to perfection!

I think I noticed them there today, in fact, with the nice weather. Maybe I'll pay them a visit this week and take a photo or two for the site.

2006 Nov 25

Fries are FRESH- you can see the guy press the whole potatoes through the fry-maker and everything. Nice thick skin-on fries. Extemely tasty with salt and vinegar. I usually get them with gravy and curd (a la poutine) - but these fries are good enough to stand alone!


2007 Mar 12
I never used to be a big poutine fan but unfortunately for me my wife is. And with these guys practically in front of my house I guess I have become a fan as well over the last few years.