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2018 Jun 30
Had an Americano and a molasses cookie a few days ago. Have had a delicious lunch (soup & sandwich) last summer, though I don't remember the details. Also a great iced Americano. I've been an occasional customer for a long time, and always happy.
To the person who complained about cash over debit cards: contact your bank and learn what it will cost you to implement... it's expensive!! I do love electronic payments, but when it matters to a business that I value, I make the extra little effort to have some cash.

2011 Nov 23
It's been about three years since I reviewed them last, and I'd like to say that not much has changed. They still provide excellent coffee, and delicious baked goods and lunches. They have become a lot better about turning over their pastries than they used to be. While some folks may not like that they only accept cash, it's easier for them, much like it's easier for market stalls. So, I roll with it.

I'm looking forward to moving into a neighbourhood that's about a ten minute walk from here, so that I might be able to enjoy their atmosphere more often. It's always the perfect combination of serene and bustling.

2011 Nov 22
Coffee is alright, not as good as Ideal Coffee, but I'm boycotting the place until they accept debit. Get with the century!

2010 May 14
I would now like to join the legions of foodies that love this place. I paid my first visit to Planet Coffee last summer on a sunny warm day so I could try some of their menu items and enjoy a seat on their patio. I ordered a wild mushroom soup and a couscous salad. The soup was rich and creamy and probably one of the best soups I ever had. The salad was also very good - lots of fresh veg and nicely seasoned.

Today I enjoyed a salmon chowder which was quite thick and full of potatoes, corn and chunks of salmon. My soup was accompanied with a mango, brie, and red onion panini and it was also very good. I look forward to spending alot more time here-;)

2009 Jul 21
Great coffee, AMAZING cookies. Amazing. The "wildberry bars" are super deelish too, the oatmeal crust is just right.

Remember to bring cash :)

2009 Jan 11
This place has the perfect trifecta of a great cafe! Coffee. Treats. Location. The coffee is always great tasting, I recommend the cappuccinos and the chai lattes. The sweets are also a must indulge when here; the date squares are the best in the city (and I've shopped around)! And the location is unbeatable. The patio is perfect for sitting in the shade and sipping coffee while you read a book. I have gone out of my way many a time to get a coffee from here.

2008 Nov 26
No more patio, but I dropped in tonight for a coffee, some coffee cake, and late night essay writing (by which i meant until 10 pm).

I was a bit saddened/frustrated, however when at quarter-to-closing one of the two girls took my plate (empty) and my cup (half-full...or half-empty from her angle). I would have prefered a reminder that they were closing in 15 and her asking me if I was done.

Needless to say, this is my favourite coffee place in the city and I won't likely hold their desire to go home on time against them.

2008 Sep 10
luscious lemon squares, great cafe jacques ( their own version of a long espresso ),great patio ( shade and sun ), competent and friendly staff

2008 Jul 28
The most wonderful paninis, coffees and cookies in the Market, bar none. What makes them wodnerful, you ask? The meat is thinly sliced, they have wonderful chutneys, and not too many toppings, making it less like the sandwich pies that I often get at Bottega or DiRienzos. And they're grilled. On Art-is-in bread.

And the music is awesome. And you can get free wifi if you sit in the south east nook (you're technically getting it from someone else's hookup, which is dangerous, but sometimes a girl's gotta do what she's gotta do!)

2008 Jan 26
My final contribution as an Ottawa resident - Spicy eggplant panini with tomato and mozzarella, and a double cappuccino.






2011 Feb 23
Can you elaborate on your "game"? Is Planet Coffee giving out used sleeves with their coffees?

2011 Feb 17
I've been a loyal Planet Coffee customer for a few years now because the coffee is good, the staff is friendly and it's close to my office.

My colleague and I have been playing this game where we collect our coffee sleeves and yesterday we returned them (around 250 in total).

I think we saved them about $10 in coffee sleeves. :)



2008 Jul 29
Awesome. I wanted someone to clear that up for me, because I'm pretty sure that if they have any symbols advising customers that they are FTC, it's the small trans-fair one on the outside of the door, and that can be misleading (Starbucks could put that up because they have one FTC coffee on the menu as whole bean).

That makes me love them even more!

2008 Jul 29
LadyWhoBrunches: Unless they've changed their supplier in the last 6 months, Planet Coffee gets their coffee from Equator:

All of Equator's coffee is certified Organic and Fair Trade:

2008 Jul 28
Um, their coffee is amazing, but I don't see anywhere that it is fair trade certified. I know that they get all their meats, cheeses, etc for paninis at La Bottega...and I think this may be the same for their coffee (I can't remember from when I worked there--at Bottega, not PC). Either way, this tag may be inappropriate, as they are not fair-trade certified as far as I know.