Café Nostalgica is owned and operated by the Graduate Student Association and hosts many events, such as Open Mic Night, Jazz Night and Open Decks. The Café also offers gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options.

Foods from Café Nostalgica

2013 Oct 19
Since when is white pepper appropriate for the table?
Originally posted here:

The new grad building is looking great! I just won’t be coming back to Café Nostalgica for food. Their bar and beer selection will be pretty good too — once the administrative mishaps get ironed out. The staff are always lovely at Nostalgica, and I’ve had many catch ups with friends during my first year at U of O. If I recall, their food used to be descent, too. But I’ve been less than impressed since their re-opening last month:

On my first visit last month, my soup was cold. On my second visit, my fries were assaulted by white pepper.

I’d ordered a grad burger — essentially a cheeseburger with onions and mushrooms, of moderate quality. (Aside – if you’re looking for a good burger on campus, Relish ... the flavour makes a delicious one when it’s on the menu – better bang for buck and tastier; in fact, anything on their menu is delicious).

Since I assumed that the opaque pepper shaker would have black pepper, I dumped way too much into my plate before I realised the mistake. My server kindly told me that they have black pepper packets in the back and next time I could ask for them. A bit too late for my meal, non? She also indicated other patrons often wondered why there were two salt shakers on the table.

Oh dear.

As a friend pointed out, white pepper is only ever appropriate for the table of a “Jook, Fun, Mein” restaurant. Which left me craving a big bowl of 粥 (congee).

2012 Apr 11
I hear it will be nine months until it re-opens

2012 Apr 11
Nostalgica is currently closed until it is rebuilt.

2011 Jan 13
We've been here a few times over the last couple months. It's a nice place, as long as it's not overcrowded (which seems to happen often, especially on open mic nights). It's not a huge place, and so finding a seat isn't always as easy as you think it will be.

First time out we had the nachos, which were different than the usual pub offering. The corn chips were just slightly overdone, which we didn't mind so much, but it made them a little heavier. The toppings were good (and I think included black beans, which were welcome), though there were a few too many chips with nothing on them. A decent plate, above average overall, and would have them again.

Another time out we had their 'cajun-dusted' fries, which were delicious. The serving was huge, and they didn't skimp on the seasoning. They tasted fresh and were the right texture and crispiness.

We usually grab a pint of Beau's on tap when we go, which is a nice option.. they may also have some St. Ambrose/McAuslan, but I don't remember. Nostalgica is a nice, laid-back spot for a quick snack on campus. I think it goes without saying that it is far ahead of anything else offered on U of O property.

2010 Dec 31
Nice place to grab a coffee (it's delicious, by the way) or quick lunch between classes. They've got loads of vegetarian options- the spinach pizza is great!

2006 Dec 10
The veggie sandwich with goat cheese is great! Bad service everytime I've been there though.

2006 Sep 22
Nice vibes in this chill-out place for students and faculty at U. of O. You don't feel like you're still on campus and the borscht or spicy fries will warm you up on a cold winter's day.

2006 Nov 30
Their cajun french fries have just the right amount of spice to keep you addicted to them.