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General Tso's Chicken at Yang Sheng
General Tso's Chicken at Yang Sheng
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2010 Feb 11
I've been going to this restaurant since I was about 12. My crazy uncles initiated me to the place. And one of the first things I had there was, what we refer to as "the white things". It's listed on the menu as "steamed rice noodle". You can get it with BBQ pork, Beef or shrimp. I have been patheticaly addicted to these things ever since. Load them up with hot sauce, wow what a treat. I believe the dish is called Chee Cheong Fun (please correct me if I'm wrong) but it's not listed as that on the menu. I haven't found this dish anywhere else. It's basically a wide (about 5") rice noodle maybe about 1/8" thick wrapped around the filling of your choice (BBQ pork, Beef or shrimp). It's served in a small dish in a sort of sweet soy sauce. I'm not sure what the mixture is, hoisin and something else to thin it out maybe?... Anyways, it's very very very addictive, be warned!!!!

2009 Sep 26
I think it was the BBQ hanging in the window that drew me to this place. I decided to grab some take out on my way home from class.

The dining room looks like your typical 1970's Chinese restaurant. Not bad just a little dated. I noted numerous Chinese specials written on white boards but only a few were translated into English.

I know I should be ordering Dim Sum on a weekend at lunch but I always work weekends, so I decided to order a few items. Shrimp Shu mei, pork shu mei, shrimp dumplings and some chive and shrimp dumplings.

I also ordered crystal shrimp and salt and pepper squid, which is listed under house specials.

All the dumplings were about average price ($3.25-3.75) The pork shu mei were quite good and meaty and the shrimp dumplings were tasty but the dough was a little on the thick side. The shrimp shu mei tasted more of a heavily pureed shrimp paste and they seemed to be a bit "under steamed."

The chive and shrimp dumpling tasted more of chive and chinese greens than of shrimp. They weren't necessarily bad, just not what I expected.

The crystal shrimp( $14.50) were just shrimp in a clear sauce plated on a bit of lettuce. The shrimp were nicely cooked and quite a nice size.I would say the portion was adequate considering there were no vegetables or starches to bulk up the dish. Although nicely cooked, I found the MSG in this dish overwhelming.

The salt and pepper squid was good except again, heavy on the MSG. I thought the portion of this dish was a little small (11.50) compared to what I have received at other restaurants.

The food was reasonable but for the same price, there are other, better options.

Service was friendly and the clientele seems quite eclectic- probably due to the location.

2008 Mar 23
Tasty Chinese take-out. They also have a small eat-in area. The dumplings are fantastic, as is the Fuk-yin fried rice. Everything is flavourful and lively - Nothing like your typical food-court style Chinese food. My favourite is the Mo-she pancakes and they don't disappoint. Shrimps in lobster sauce is also fab.

Delivery takes about 45 minutes to an hour...sometimes a little too long, especially if you're hungry. I had one experience ordering from them when they didn't show up at all! I was furious and disappointed, but gave them another chance and haven't had any problems since.

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2016 Sep 2
The GT's chicken was pretty good here. We like it a little spicier but it was certainly better than average. Worth ordering if you're a fan of it.

2015 Dec 11
This version is less breaded than most and actually spicy, a refreshing change. Most General Tao chicken are too sweet. This was served on a bed of broccoli which is similar to the "original" version of General Tso that originated from California, according to the documentary "In Search of General Tso".