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2018 Feb 14
Got some takeout from the Wild Wings on Prince of Wales as sick and just wanted something quick/dirty. A lb of wings and fries.

The first part that annoyed me was that you can't just order wings, you have to get fries. I didn't want fries or to pay for them.

The wings were beyond terrible. I got the Carribbean jerk wings. They barely had any sauce or flavour, were tiny and burnt. I could do better at home just cooking wings and adding some Frank's or salt and pepper.

I only ate 5 of the 8 wings, they were that bad. Chucked out the fries. $18 for this luxury.

Bewildering that this place specializes in wings but can't make anything above terrible.

2015 Aug 10
Wild wing is pretty mediocre food. The gravy taste weird and isn't very good. They also heat it up in little plastic containers in the microwave. Is that why is tastes off?

I had the medium and lemon pepper classic wings. Not bad I guess a bit overdone. Nice fries.

2015 Aug 4
Ive gone to the Wild Wing on Innes road several times and wasn't really impressed each time. The chicken strips aren't very good and neither is the boneless chicken or ranch dressing. I ordered dry cajun seasoning on plain wings and it wasn't very good either - too much seasoning. Meh.

2014 Apr 2
There is a liquor license for Wild Wing on the door of 354A Preston St (where Green Earth Vegetarian was).

2013 Jun 16
It moved to Meadowlands and Prince of Wales. I've had better experiences here especially with the takeout.

2012 Nov 2
It lasted longer than I thought. The 3320 McCarthy Road location appears to have bitten the dust.

2012 Sep 30
Went to the McCarthy location for dinner with friends on Sunday night. Sorely disappointed.

The menu sounded fantastic.

I started with broccoli, bacon and cheese poppers. I expected actually chunks of broccoli, but it was more cheese than anything. They were in a broccoli shape. Nothing remotely healthy about these however.

My friends opted for Nachos. I have NEVER had lettuce on my nachos before and I hope to never have it like that again. Flavourless with hardly any cheese and a measly container of salsa on the side.

For the main I tried The Wing Sampler. 3 types with 3 flavours. I was picky about the flavour and style of wing. So I ordered
6 Boneless Saddle Up (Garlic Parmesan and buttermiilk dill)
6 Traditional (breaded) Medium (Buffalo butter)
6 Buck-Naked Jaimacan Me Crazy (Pineapple Curry and Carribean Jerk

I tried the buffalo first and it was cold. I stuck my finger on the other wings (so lady like) and all of them were cold. Not even lukewarm. The server Kaitlyn quickly came by to see how we liked our meals and I told her my wings were cold. Another friend said her meal was the same way (she also ordered the Trio.) Our server was terribly apologetic and took our plates immediately back to the kitchen. We assumed our meals must have been prepared first.

Eventually our meals came out. My friend's wing choice were mixed up and I found my wings only lukewarm this time and my style to flavour preference ignored though on the first round it was correct. My friend again complained but said to there server it was ok but her wing flavour had been mixed up.

The kitchen brought a complimentary order of her wing of choice. Very nice touch.

it was then that we noticed that the sauces are so cold they cool the wings down instantly.

In fact for our dissatisfaction we were both given 30% off our bill. It was a nice compensation.

The server was excellent and that was a redeeming quality. If I return it would only be for that.

I also suggested to the waitress that the menu was lacking on a milk shake. In such a greasy spoon it would be a tasty addition.

2012 Apr 21
We finally got around to trying Wild Wing (McCarthy location) Friday night.

Unfortunately, all I can say is ICK. Our waitress was rude, didn't explain the menu at all, and only warmed up a bit to interact with our nearly-3 daughter.

Our appetizers arrived over-fried, hot enough to burn OUR mouths, much less our little girl's.

We were HORRIBLY disappointed in the sauce flavors. First off, such a list is horribly overwhelming. Our waitress explained nothing. I got mild, hubby got I am Canadian (mild + maple, I think). Both boneless. The chicken itself was ok, but the sauces ick. Both way too sweet, with no heat whatsoever, despite the "two flame" rating. The fries were nothing to write home about, and refills on drinks nonexistant.

I was really hoping we'd found a replacement for making a trip to Watertown for Buffalo Wild Wings, but unfortunately, we just found another local restaurant chain that we won't revisit.

2011 Dec 30
Place was clean, waiting staff was good, etc..

Food was awful. For the 20 or so of us who ordered wings, we all noticed how cold they were. Turns out (we asked) that they don't heat the sauce. Wings are deep fried, sauce is taken right from a fridge and the result is cold wings upon serving.

For those of us in our group who did not order wings, the feedback was negative as well. The exact quote of the person next to me was, "This is the worst thing I've ever eaten. Not just the worse ribs, but the worst thing. And the sauce is ice cold."

Again, great waiting staff, place is nice (sort of a merge of Lonestar and Montana's, but on a budget), but huge fail on the food. It's like not wearing a seatbelt while driving.. it might be tolerable on your own property, but it's lazy, reckless and wrong.

2010 Aug 11
I've nothing good to say about the wings. They're just tossed in different sauces after they've been cooked, I think. Big whoop.

However, what I found really interesting about this place is that when I ordered a mojito, it came to me in the form of a greenish slushie in a plastic cup. Slush Puppie anyone? Swing and a miss.




2008 Jan 15
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2008 Jan 15
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