Foods from Wendy's

2016 Apr 6
" I don't need to eat this again."

I wish all restaurant critics used this phrase.

2016 Apr 5
Due to circumstances beyond my control, I ate at a Wendy's this week. I try to avoid these places but I opted for the ghost pepper poutine. If you can get past the strange orange colour of the cheese sauce it was quite good. Nice bit of heat and surprisingly potatoey potatoes. I followed this up with their jalapeņo chicken sandwich. Looked like the same fluorescent cheese sauce and also had a nice bit of heat. Not bad for a fried chicken sandwich. Nice to see something a little different on the menu. I don't need to eat this again.

2013 Jul 18
I just tried the Pretzel cheeseburger at the Elgin street location. I am so impressed by this new burger, I had to write about it! It actually looks just like the picture. The bun was nice and chewy, generous slices of tomatoes and rings of red onions, spring lettuce mix... The apple wood smoked bacon and the mustard sauce elevated it. I can't believe I am saying this, but this is one of the top burgers I had in Ottawa.

2011 Mar 25
The spicy chicken sandwich is delicious!
My favourite fast food place.

2008 Oct 4
Wendy's burgers are square purely for marketing purposes (source: "Cheap burgers in paradise: History of the hamburger", by Milford Prewitt. Available on-line at: www.mcspotlight.org). Wendy's square burgers are larger than their competition's (since a circle's just a square with the corners rounded off.)

Aside: White Castle burgers, however, are square in order to maximize the number of burgers per square metre of grill (source: "Imponderables: The solutions to the mysteries of everyday life", by David Feldman (HarperCollins Canada, 1990). Web-based (and likely illegal) excerpt available on-line at: www.dountoothers.org)

2008 Oct 2
Stopped in here for lunch on the run, haven't been to one in ages. Had a Jr. Whopper Bacon Cheeseburger Meal. I like the fact that Wendy's has a variety of sides with their combos. I had a small Chili, and a regular Diet Coke.

The Bacon Cheeseburger was yummy... ok so it had Iceburg Lettuce, but at least it was recognizable as lettuce (not like some places) and the bacon was real strips. The last time I had bacon on a burger at McDonalds it didn't even look like bacon, it was super-processed and came in a pressed circle shape so it could fit in your bun. Wierd. Actually I've never understood this Circle-Square Mentality... what's up with Wendy's having square burgers?

The Chili was yummy. It is good for fast food, tastes almost homemade. And nutritionally a better choice than the tradional french fries. And Wendy's throws in those nice extras like crackers & hot sauce.

Total Bill $ 4.50 pretty good for a quick lunch.

The only thing that I have to say about Wendy's is that I've noticed that the care of their storefronts can be lacking in the stand-alone stores vs those linked with Timmys (like along the 401). Maybe it is because the smaller ones are Independents vs Corporate, but there does seem to a disconnect in their housekeeping quality.




2011 Mar 25
My favourite fast food fries - delicious!

2008 Feb 27
I had the new premium hand cut codfish fillet sandwich from Wendy's tonight (ok, I'm *really* sick right now and my SO bought one for me while she was out, don't ask me why, I think the fever is making me crazy and makes me crave bad things).

Well lets see here... it's a fish sandwich. It's better than the filet-o-fish. My fever is probably screwing with my ability to judge things clearly, but it actually tasted decent. The breaded coating on the fish tasted a bit bitter, a sign of overused oil, or overcooked batter, not sure which.

Overall it just makes me want to fry up some perch or pickerel fillets and make a fresh fish sammy from scratch.


2008 Oct 2
I enjoy the Chili at Wendy's. Although it is fast food, it doesn't taste like it comes out of a can... it actually tastes close to homemade. A great addition to a combo, or by itself on a cold day.