Stubby beer bottles [General]

2008 Apr 17
Is there a brand of beer that still bottles their product in stubbies?
Where can one buy it? We don't really want the beer, just the bottles (for a theatre prop).

The beer can be available in Ontario or Quebec (preferred).

2008 Apr 17
Heritage brewed in Carleton Place.

How many do you need? I think I have a 6 pack of bottles that I could give you.

2008 Apr 17
Red Cap beer from Brick brewery is also bottled in stubbies. It should be available at pretty much any Beer Store you go to.

2008 Apr 17
Also the Jamaican beer Red Stripe available at LCBO.

2008 Apr 17

The reason why Canadian breweries all adapted the universal "stubbie" beer bottle was because some provinces passed laws that banned long necked beer bottles because they could be used as a weapon in a bar fight (the long neck makes a nice handle to hold to smash the bottle over someone's head, then the broken bottle makes a pretty good face shredder). Since some provinces allowed long necked bottles but some didn't it was cheaper and easier for the breweries to just make a standard "stubbie" bottle they could all use in any province.

2008 Apr 17
Cute topic, I for one miss the "stubbies", they were something that just made us stand out from the crowd, and well I like being different. Just call me A Proud Canuck!

2008 Apr 17
What's your reference for the weapon thing, Captain? My understanding was always that it was simply cheaper to ship stubbies because you can get more of them into a given amount of cubic feet.

2008 Apr 17
Zym & Captain C - It was my understanding that Canada gave up on stubbies because of the popularity of long-necks and the prominence of American Beer in the marketplace. And the nationalization of Canadian Beer, and the concept of one beer = one bottle for Molson & Labatts (and loss of many regional beers, both independents and the big guys that used to brew Regional Favourites) in the 1980s due in part to the recession. If I recall (and I'm not a beer expert by any means) that too might have been because of the Americanization thing (more US $ invested in Canadian beer). The long-neck therefore became the "ISB" (Industry Standard Bottle).

As for the bar-fight weapon thing, I'd never heard of that story, but I guess it makes sense. Based on what I found on wikipedia, the "stubbie" was Canada's attempt at ISB in order to reduce breakage and and the cost or sorting bottles from 1962 onwards.


2008 Apr 17
I said : "The reason why Canadian breweries all adapted the universal "stubbie" beer bottle was blah blah blah... "


Should have said "One of the reasons Canadian breweries all adapted the universal "stubbie" beer bottle was blah blah blah... "

It looks like there were a number factors leading to the stubbie.

(Don't get me started on The Big Three (now ony two; Labatt and Molson's) and Brewers Retail.)

Zy: Reference ? Long Neck Weapon vs Stubbie ??? Urban myth ??? not sure myself but feel free to ask Stephen Beaumont author of "Great Canadian Beer Guide" MacMillan Canada 1994 ISBN 0-7715-9031-8

(Is this the same Steve from Beau's ? I guess I'll ask him.)

Anyhoo, the book was funded by a Canada Council grant and The Ontario Ministry of Culture and Communications. Wow.... imagine getting gov't money for writing about beer. Sounds like heaven. Way to go Steve !!!

2008 Apr 17
Thanks for the info on stubbies.

BTW found a case of unopened Molson (stubbies) on eBay!

2008 Apr 17
Captain Caper: Stephen Beaumont is a beer writer from Toronto. He has the enviable job of travelling around the world tasting beers and writing about them. You can find out more about Steve and his books at

Actually, now that I think of it, both Steve's have enviable jobs......

2008 Apr 18
Stephen Beaumont is not the same Steve as from Beau's. Are you saying that you read that in his book? Or are you saying I should ask him? I know Stephen and while I have several of his books I do not have this one. If you're not saying it's in that book then I will ask him. His word is good enough for me.

2008 Apr 18
FOR THE RECORD - Steve from Beau's Beer is Steve Beauchesne

Zym - I too am curious to know if that bit of trivia regarding long-neck bottles is true. If you find out the answer, please share.

2008 Apr 18
On a related note, I do know that there was a huge uproar a decade or so in the UK when it was mandated (by whom I don't recall) that pub glasses had to be the tempered glass ones that are very difficult to break, because they often get broken and used as weapons. The uproar was because the only such glasses were made in france :-)

And to vouch for said glasses, a few years ago I was putting the shingles on my shed roof - standing on my scaffolding about 7 feet off the ground with a glass of beer at my feet. I accidentally kicked the glass and it went flying - 7 feet down into the driveway and just tumbled across the driveway and never broken.

On the other hand, the kids have broken one of them just by knocking it over - and it broke into a zillion pieces. I'm guessing it was the same glass because just like corelle, it 'stores up' shocks from big falls like that. And then releases them later.

2008 Apr 22
I can't believe only one person so far has mentioned Red Stripe. Stubby bottle and a great beer to boot...

witchypoo: how much did you snag the Molson stubbies off eBay for?

2008 Apr 23
I don't know if the theatre company ended up buying the beer from eBay.
However, the last time I looked, the last bid was around $20 for an unopened case of 12, plus shipping from the Gaspé.