Opening 2018! (continued) [Food/Vendor]

Aug 31
TOPIC continued from Forum - Opening 2018!

I am off to Big Daddy's on Elgin this evening for happy hour.

Jan 20
Has anyone eaten at Mermaid's Seafood restaurant at 1729 Walkley, across from Rexall drugstore?

I asked my sister to get me a menu, and she said they just have a menu for eating in, no paper version yet.
Also, my sister said the restaurant smelled overly of fish and that she would not want to wear her winter jacket or stuff there as she would smell like fish all day.
I might try a dish for take-out, but am just getting over being severely sick with stomach issues and should probably only eat from the places I have already been to...

The menu has some lebanese dishes, pasta and seafood.