Opening 2018! (continued) [Food/Vendor]

2018 Aug 31
TOPIC continued from Forum - Opening 2018!

I am off to Big Daddy's on Elgin this evening for happy hour.

2019 Mar 25
Finally ate at Mermaid's last week.
Had 1/2 pound scallops, 1/2 pound fried shrimp .
I did not know the shrimp would also be breaded, as I have seen some places just deep-fry shrimp with no batter before.

The scallops were well cooked, but they left on that tough bit that most places take off.
I remember working at a place that was having me clean seafood and had to take the tough bit off the scallop (forget the name of it).

The shrimp were well cooked, everything was served with a huge bunch of raw onions under the seafood-no seasoning on the onions....just tons of raw onion.

The dipping sauces we got were "ranch" and a tartar sauce.
Waitress never came back to ask if food was ok and I wanted a seafood sauce but guess they were busy until we paid.

I'm pretty good at knowing the weight of seafood and what we got does not even look close to 1/2 pound scallops, even if you counted a ton of water.
I also often order 400 grams breaded or pan cooked shrimp from another store and I know for sure that it is more than a dozen shrimp.
*I meant that I order a 400 gram bag of shrimp and that half or 200 grams is way more than a dozen shrimp.
-this pic was taken before we ate anything, there was 6 scallops-one was slightly larger, but the rest kind of average size and the plate was a small bread nothing big.

I might go back to try some appetizers, but not too sure.