LF: Drum grater with 3+ drums [General]

2017 Jan 24
I've been searching far and wide for a drum grater with at least 3 drums, like the Paderno World Kitchen one pictured here. So far, the only hits are on Amazon and are well over $100 for a plastic thing.

Locally, I've looked at C.A. Paradis, the Paderno outlet store at Tanger (they told me that Paderno World Kitchen is a European company with different product lines), the Think Kitchen outlet store at Tanger (who had a pretty nice one but with just 2 drums) and numerous big box stores. Special mention to Darcy at Hendrix Restaurant Equipment for taking the time to research their suppliers and then sending this list of options:


This makes me think I may have to give up and just get one with 2 drums. Can anyone else help find me one with more? Thanks much!

2017 Jan 28
OSoloMeal, that's quite possible and might explain why these drum graters aren't too popular on this side of the Atlantic -- most people have food processors! My own food processor is a terrible 5-in-1 contraption that I bought in my naive 20's (see photo, from www.wikiwand.com). Maybe the best thing I can do is seek a replacement for that.

Can anyone share a recommendation for a food processor? :-)

2017 Jan 30
.... but the T-fal was a bit better than the Cuisinart HFP-300. And Cuisinart usually makes some half decent stuff. www.amazon.com

Here is one for sale in Kanata for $25 ($349USD MSRP) www.kijiji.ca