Why has salmon gotten so expensive? [General]

2014 Jun 28
Are they dying out, not in general, but right now? Prices for Atlantic salmon fillets at Costco have increased 50% from last year.

2014 Jun 28
Because we ate it all ...

2014 Jun 28
Should not be a supply problem. All Atlantic Salmon in stores is now farmed. It is bad for the environment and filled with additives and I am one of many who does not eat it. Pacific Salmon is expensive because it is wild (never sure weather to believe that!)
Costco has been the target of an anti farmed salmon campaign and is selling lots more pacific. Are you sure the Atlantic has gone up 50% or could you be comparing apples to oranges?

Sigh....Yes, wild fish and seafood is dying out if you care about ethical and sustainable, hence the prices at Whalesbone.

2014 Jun 29
Yeah I'm sure it the Costco Atlantic. I didn't know it was farmed. It's frozen and vacuumed sealed so it's ideal for sous vide.

2014 Jul 2
The salmon in the fresh meat section is farmed and usually Atlantic. I have seen Pacific there at a higher price. I'm not sure about origin of the frozen.

Salmon prices are at a record high in 2014 mostly due to increase demand. The dozens of AYCE sushi restaurants that popped up in Ottawa this past year as also been an occurrence across North and South America.

As for the wild vs farmed debate, it's not as black and white as people would believe. What I can guarantee is that the price for all fish is and will be increasing as demand increases globally. Zymurgist is right on the ball.

2014 Jul 2
We should eat the silver carp. It's an invasive species. It has higher Omega 3 than salmon. It's a plankton feeder, so it has no concentration of toxins that an apex predator like tuna or salmon would.

Besides, almost any fish humans consume is soon driven to low numbers, if not extinction.

I don't know if you can do sushi with it, as it has many bones.

2014 Jul 2
Very good article here:


The key is that open pen (pen open to the ocean as Atlantic famed salmon is) is very destructive to the environment. Closed pen farming has great promise. Sounds like the article is referring to closed pen.

2014 Jul 3
Chef prepares asian silver carp (invasive species in the Mississippi)

2014 Jul 9
For you salmon lovers, Produce Depot on Carling Avenue had Copper River Salmon, wild caught, on for $5.99 a pound.

2014 Jul 9
The Produce Depot Copper River salmon ... King or Sockeye ?

Article: Copper River Salmon: Worth The Hype?

2014 Jul 11
I bought Copper River Sockeye at Produce Depot on Carling a few weeks ago. Do they sell both king and sockeye?

2014 Jul 14
@CaptainCaper: I've been buying Copper River salmon, both sockeye and King (aka Chinook), direct from Alaska for a few years now. The couple I buy from have their own boat where they catch, clean, package and freeze the fish right on the water.

As per the photo at right, salmon from the Copper River is known for a red hue. I shop at Produce Depot and the salmon displayed in their case under the tag "Copper River" bears little resemblance in colour to what is shipped to me from Alaska. On the left is a Sockeye steak and on the right is a fillet of King salmon.

There is a lot of salmon mislabelled as Copper River, and I've seen reputable fishmongers selling "fresh" "Copper River" salmon as late as September, which is way past their season. Alaska takes their fisheries management very seriously; as an example, last week only seventeen Copper River King salmon were harvested during the 36-hour period opened up to commercial fishing. Given such strict supply management, and the colour and pricing of what is being sold at Produce Depot, I have a hard time believing it is genuine Copper River salmon, either sockeye or Chinook (which typically sells for US$30+ per pound and is shipped around the world).

2014 Jul 23
Pink salmon getting much more abundant in the Pacific.


Jun 11
Has anyone seen Copper river salmon being sold anywhere?