Ribtoberfest [General]

2013 Sep 26
Have you guys heard about this event?


2013 Sep 26


2013 Sep 28
I hope someone will make me jealous with lots of food porn and tantalizing reviews... My university homecoming is the same weekend so will be out of town that weekend. I will have to have a word with the alumni office about scheduling homecoming the same time as such a delicous event. #sadface

2013 Oct 2
So now we have two ribfests a year? Same people, same products?

A shame I don't really like ribs the way they do it - I tried, I really did. Pulled pork for me, and it's the very sweet style. Okay once in a while. I do prefer the more tangy type.

But hey, my Pappy's mug can be used more than once a year! I won't feel I've been ripped off as much. :D

2013 Oct 3
stopped by early today for some pulled pork from Billy Bones. at $7 this is always the best value from vendors at Ribfest. BB's offering has a reasonable amount of smokiness and a good sauce.

2013 Oct 3
Sobey's has a good deal on ribs right now - plus I have to say the back ribs we've bought from them are way more meaty than any other source I've found. Don't know why as I'm assuming all groceries get them from the same large facilities. Make your own 10X as good and 2x as cheap. Add a touch of liquid smoke if you are an ubanite without access to a smoker.

2013 Oct 3
Hawgs Gone Wild again for me. They are the only one with corn bread which is hiding beneath the bun. So pulled pork and the ribs for $15, $2 for corn bread and $1for the bun. I wasn't.that hungry so I didnt get the trio for $22. Blooming Onion was there but $9 for the onion and sauce is a bit dear considering $$$ already spent on ribs.

2013 Oct 5
I'm working in the crew at Hawgs gone Wild. Come say hi. Wow I normally work a desk job, my body is aching after 12 hours of being on my feet but so much fun. Crew and owners here are over the top nice, passionate about their food and hard working.

2013 Oct 5
When does Rizaktoberfest start? I forgot to organize one this year and was hoping someone else would pick up the slack.

2013 Oct 6
Was there yesterday and this started Oct 3-6 so still till 6-7pm tonight. A few more offered beef ribs than the 2 in June and several vendor are also offering brisket sandwich for $7 for $12 for the pound like pulled pork.

Did a pickup dinner and lunch for 3 and got the following:

1. Blazing BBQ - mighty meat combo which has 2 beef bones (but they gave me 3), 4 pork bones and 1/4 chicken for which I choose white meat plus beans and coleslaw for $25. The beans and coleslaw are okay but I would not get them especially. The beef ribs are my favourites here and I think I tried another beef rib last June (maybe Gator) and I far prefer Blazing BBQ's. The chicken, for which they won best chicken last June, was tasty but pales for me compared to the ribs, pulled pork and now brisket on offer. Pork rib was okay here but I liked the pork ribs at Billy Bones or Camp 31 better. I found the riblets I had here before more to my liking than the ribs since they have better meat to bone ratio and more soft/crisp bones which I like. The riblets are a great deal for 2lbs for $15.

2. Billy Bones - 2 meat combo with pulled pork sandwich and ribs for $15. They ribs were good and I like their sauce. The pulled pork was solid.

3. Camp 31 - Camp 31 now have brewton beef brisket available so I got a 2 meat combo with Rib and brisket (does not come with bun) for $15. I also got a cornbread for $2. The cornbread was excellent and the beef brisket was both juicy and tasty. Ribs were pretty good and I liked their raging cajun and chipotle BBQ sauces.

4. Crabby's - They also had beef brisket so I bought a pound for $12. Have not really dug in here yet but sampled a little bit yesterday. I liked the Camp 31 brisket better.

Still have some pulled pork and brisket left... maybe I will make some coleslaw and have myself some BBQ sandwiches.