Drying Hot Peppers [Cooking]

2010 Aug 16
Hey folks, was not sure whether or not I should put this in the other thread

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And in the end decided to make a new one.

I just hit the motherload of hot peppers - got 8 lbs of mixed peppers for 10 bucks! It pays to get to know your farmers! I was poking around at Parkdale this morning and stopped in to my regular farmer and mentioned that I had to start looking at peppers. She said she had a bunch from the weekend that she could give me really cheaply - man was she not kidding!

So I have my dehydrator ready, but am not sure how to proceed. Do them whole? Seed and core them first?

I'd like to try my hand at some hot pepper powder so I guess some of them will have to be cored and seeded. But do they dry well whole?

Here is the big pile of them mixed.

2010 Aug 16
You can also just string them up in a window Basque Country style, it works surprisingly well but it's a little involved...

2010 Aug 19
Yup, they are all dried and in bottles at this point. I smoked the jalepenos about 3 hours with cherry and apple. They smell fantastic. I have a video to edit of the whole thing but won't likely have time to do it for a while. Don't think I have more pics to post but will check