Shady Green Egg [General]

2009 Dec 2
Git yerself a shady green egg over here!

I'm tempted... but advertising that there are imperfections... being sold as is... it all seems too much... and is he alluding to "hot" merch? I'm not quite sure...

2009 Dec 2
Grenfall Crescent? that's Capital Appliance & BBQ. i took a look at a Traeger there awhile back. they seem like alright people.

go see if you can score a deal!

2009 Dec 2
Yup, just got a response from their president via email... might go check them out tomorrow.

2009 Dec 2
I'm all over that like a bad suit!

2009 Dec 2
Kamado means Japanese hearth, and it looks like this (pic from wiki)
I wonder why the BBQ is called kamado.
I have been living in Ottawa over 10 years and I don't have BBQ.
I feel I have been missing something very important from my understand Canadian food culture...passion of BBQ!
My friend always says this, " meat, fire, good!" when he heat up the BBQ.

2009 Dec 2
I got some more info, the brand name is Emperors Grill manufactured in China.

Zym - want to start a group buy?

Aisu - BBQing in winter, there's nothing quite like it.

2009 Dec 3
I called the store this afternoon and was told these are made in China. I'm not certain where the Egg is made but the Primo is manufactured in the USA and the original Kamodo brand is made in Indonesia. The smoker on sale is the about the same size as a Large Egg so some Egg parts will fit.

The way that the salesman described them to me, these were made with very little quality control. It wasnít just one specific thing that was wrong with the smokers but with modifications, they should work. He just suggested I show up and choose one that was made properly.

At this price, you can buy an extra one for spare parts and it would not cost as much as an Egg. In fact, you could buy three!

Iím still on the fence on getting one as Iíve been looking for something that smokes two or three butts overnight without much babysitting.

2009 Dec 3
Hmmm, anyone have a lead test kit?

2009 Dec 3
I was thinking the same thing, Zym...

2009 Dec 3
"I feel I have been missing something very important from my understand Canadian food culture...passion of BBQ!"

D@mn Right You Have!
(Apologies to Peter for infringing on copyright)

Aisu Kurimu - You might enjoy reading this old topic which is very entertaining (one of my OF Faves) and talks about introducing Canadian BBQing to some out of country visitors... Taiwanese & Grillng -

2009 Dec 3
Ok personally I see too many issues with these babies. The ad says it all, you just gotta interpret it.

First if this is a reputable Ottawa merchant why are they listing this on USED OTTAWA?

"Various Imperfections"... what exactly does that mean? Manufactured in China... haven't we heard enough stories about "imperfections" with Chinese merchandise?

"As Is"... so you dish out $ 350 and tomorrow it goes t!ts up, or you find out it fell off a truck, or worse came over on a slow boat from China. I'd rather play the lottery with $ 350 thank you.

"Very HOT temperature unit"... ok lets presume this actually refers to temperature... isn't one of the things you want with a smoker is the ability to control the heat at a constant... doesn't sound like this unit will do that.

Save your money... or spend it on a Bradley Smoker at Canadian Tire this week see for info about a great sale.

PLUS you get Canadian Tire Money with purchase... LOL.

2009 Dec 3

I posted this to the brewers' list and one guy just sent a message that he has one of these that he does not use, and will give it away for free.

Looks like I was the first respondant too! Will see if I get it though ... keep you posted.

2009 Dec 3
Chimichimi: My neighbour across the street does BBQ in the winter. He fires up the grill, seems having good time... My husband is not interested in BBQ, ( yes,he is Canadian) so if I buy a grill, I will (have to )become a "BBQ chef"!

Food and Think: You think so too? Thank you for posting the link for me. I am going to read it with my hubby :)