Signature Dishes [Recipes]

2009 Aug 1
OK, this is a carry over from the "getting to know you" thread

I was going to just ask Ms Foodie for her recipe for "Chick Pea Curry" since that is something I want to make in the next few weeks. But then I figured - why not just have a whole thread for everyone's signature dishes.

My meat pie is already well documented on this site :

2009 Aug 2
Zym - Guessing that some folks are keeping their "specialities" underwraps because of the impending "Summer Meet-Up"... I believe a few people said they'd be bringing their "specialities" but weren't disclosing who was bringing what, in that attendees were going to try to match dishes to Members "personalities".

As for me, I don't have a "signature" dish right now... I find I've had a few different ones over the years (Lasagna, Seafood Gumbo, Ribs) right now I'm in an experimental phase... so I haven't come across my "next big thing" just yet. LOL

EDIT - On the otherhand, I should note that "The Man" is very proud of his Chili these days.

2009 Aug 2
On the otherhand, I should note that "The Man" is very proud of his Chili these days.

F&T, is The Man coming to the meetup? I would so love to have a nametag for him that says, "Hello, I am The Man"

2009 Aug 2

I am

Food&Thing - it's about time "The Man" got an account here. he's living vicariously through your reviews.

2009 Aug 2
Lady Who Brunches & Monty - Now this is very very funny.

As I've said before, unfortunately now neither of us will be at the Summer Meet Up (lol, LWB guessing now you keep posting me as an attendee in hopes that things will change and you'll be able to hand out that nametag).

As for "The Man", he and I are a great team. When I first joined OF my original idea was that Food & Think would represent both of us... he'd be "the foodie" (Food) and I'd be "the analyst / writer" (Think). Much like we approach wine, he has the better palate, I do all the wine research. Overtime though, that original concept has fallen by the wayside, and he is just "The Man" in my posts.

I promise, that when we all do meet up, he'll be quite happy to wear "The Man" nametag, he's at a point now where when he gives me input (such as in the Beer topics) he jokingly says "tell them 'The Man'.... "

Zym - BTW, "The Man" now has taken up calling Bud Lite Lime "Bug Light Lime" in your honour... and wants you to know that when a sludgy bottle is left outside overnight after a BBQ that it is the choice ale of Ottawa's earwigs (Zym as you are a big fan of statements of proof, thought you'd like to know... case proven).