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2009 Mar 21
Dear Ottawa Foodies,

It's Saturday night and I'm sure you are looking for something tasty to eat. So come and visit my new food blog!

Why Carling Ave. Foodie? Well, as you know, Carling Avenue is an area rife with ethnic groceries, big box grocery stores, restaurants, and other shops. I, Ms. Foodie, like to wander around the neighborhood, baby in tow, and haul back to my apartment tantalizing new food discoveries. This blog offers up my rambling and occasionally interesting comments on my exotic food finds. One thing distinguishing my beauteous blog from other, lesser blogs is that I will not have any recipes! It will be just about the pleasure of reading about glorious and strange new foods.

For optimal reading pleasure I suggest starting at the bottom of the earliest post (January) and then working your way through the other topics, as they tickle your fancy.

Buen Provecho!

Ms. Foodie

2009 Mar 23
Thank You, I enjoyed reading it this morning with my coffee...and those chocolates look awsome. I haven't been able to find a good chocolate for a while. Looking for a quality milk chocolate, just not the gross mainstream taste. I've tried the dark chocolate or the ones with higher 65% cocoa and find they are just too bitter.

I like this one I've found it at Sausage Kitchen once downtown in market and once at the german store in Carlingwood mall, but it's always the last dusty one... and who knows maybe it isn't even that good but after you pay $5-6 for it, you believe it is!!!

2009 Mar 23
Ms Foodie - Interesting Blog... thanks for sharing.

2009 Mar 23
Ms Foodie: interesting blog, indeed. I`m not sure what to make of your "as a foodie I only eat the best" comment. Actually, that`s not true. I know what to make of it: I disagree.

That said, if you`re looking for those marvelous Dolfin chocolates that you mentioned, I would suggest wandering off Carling Avenue and into Westboro, where they can be found at The Candy Store (along with many other AMAZING chocolates!)

2009 Mar 23
Ms Foodie - What fun! Now I want somebody to make me jalebi at my wedding.

Would you happen to know a good place to buy laddoos here in Ottawa?

2009 Mar 23
Ms. Foodie, I too read your blog and enjoyed your postings. Unfortunately your neighbourhood has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately and I hope to hear less bad news and more of the good things like what you write about. I used to live in the Britannia area a long time ago and went to school almost across the street from our home which was at the intersection of Carling and Richmond (in fact a section of our front lawn was expropriated by the city when they expanded Carling to 4 lanes).
Last week I was in a middle east foodstore (Sultan at Bank and Hunt Club) that carries some Indian foods (as well as Mexican for some reason???) and had a can of gulab jamons in my hand wondering if they are any good canned - maybe you can tell me if they are. I've only had them once and that was in a very good Indian restaurant (Coconut Lagoon on St. Laurent) last fall and their's were delicious and I thought they likely made them. We were at the same restaurant last Friday night with friends but my belly was too full to have them again, though I really, really wanted to quite badly. So are they good from a can or is it best to make them (which I'm thinking is unlikely as I don't do much deep frying)?
I hope you keep up with your postings on your blog, Ms. Foodie, and maybe continue to shed further light on Indian foods when you can for those of us who are interested. Thanks!

2009 Mar 23
Dear Ottawa Foodies,

I am thrilled to hear from you that you like my blog! I spent a long time thinking about it and finally got around to doing it because I had all these food stories running through my head, and nobody with whom to share them! (my husband patiently listens to me ramble about many things, but loses interest when I go on at length about the last time I ate a good sandwich/sorbet/flan, etc.) I will post about once a week so check back regularly!

Thanks for the tips on Cote d'Or and Dolfin chocolates, LuvgoodFood and Lady who Brunches. I will try that brand and that candy store.

Momomoto, I would love to recommend a shop for ladoos but, alas, I don't know of any. As I mentioned, fresh Indian sweets are a rarity in Ottawa. I can, however, tell you where not to get them: there's an Indian grocer (can't remember the name) near the corner of Rideau and Augusta; I was there once and was admiring the ladoos. Then, I looked more closely...and saw a delicate grey fuzz on them. Yup, mould! I told the shopkeeper, but he didn't seem surprised and likely kept them on the shelf..icky.

Andy, canned gulab jamuns can be super tasty, so do indulge in them. I have eaten "Ghasitaram" brand and found them superlative (eat them warmed up). I have also tried "Haldirams" but didn't find them as good. Both are made in India. An even better one to try: Vaishali and Andy's Variety store on Meadowlands (strange name for an Indian grocer, I know, but that's what it is) sell gulab jamuns from Toronto in a small plastic tub. They are by "Surati Sweet Mart", I think, and are super good.

If you like Indian sweets (and who doesn't?) do try "Soan papadi" as well. It is made in India and sold in a wrapped package. It is like cotton candy but with cardamom flavour. Melts in the mouth. Mm...

Best wishes to you all!

2009 Mar 24
I've only read a few of your post so far but it reads well and have lovely pictures
I've even left a post or two on chickoos

2009 Mar 24
I very much enjoyed reading your blog, and I learned a few things too! Best part is that I live in the Britannia area, so most of the places mentioned are nearby. Keep up the good work!