Schneiders Chicken Cordon Swiss [Food/Vendor]

2008 Nov 17
My boyfriend who is not a foodie by any stretch, is heartbroken that he can't find his favourite brand of prepared chicken: Schneider's Chicken Cordon Swiss.

I emailed Schneiders and their response was basically that it is carried in some grocery stores in the area and I should look around. Great help! haha

I've checked East End locations of Loblaws, YIG, Loeb, and GT.

Has anyone seen this around?

2008 Nov 17
I'll check Zellers and Walmart next time I'm in, I'm sure I remember seeing that sort of thing there.

2008 Nov 17
What ever you do Mmmfood, be careful if you decide to make Chicken Cordon (Bleu) Swiss for your boyfriend.

I once made Chicken Cordon Bleu for a girlfriend who liked to buy the frozen prepared version from a guy selling it off the back of a truck (before M&M Meats came along).

I used a nice Swiss Gruyère Cheese and Italian Prosciutto and it was met with "This tastes too much". (see picture)

I found a new girlfriend.

2008 Nov 17
Captian Caper: I hear you loud and clear. I will make it myself some time but I can almost guarantee he'll like the Schneiders more. We have totally different tastes. I much prefer to make everything from scratch. The other day I told him I would make French Onion Soup, but I have never made it before. He goes, "Can't be too difficult - onions, broth, bread and cheese." I wanted to say "Vidalia onions cooked in oil til they're caramelized for about an hour, a cup each of beef stock and chicken stock, a fresh herb bouquet, lightly toasted french bread, topped with a mix of shredded gruyere and thin sliced Swiss, placed under the broiler til melted and browning." But I just said "Yeah..pretty simple", and gave him a kiss on the forehead.

2008 Nov 17
Just remind him that it's a Maple Leaf product and maybe he won't want it anymore anyway :-)

2008 Nov 17
I have to admit that I have a soft spot in my heart for pre-made Chicken Kievs. I prefer M&M variety by far since the chicken is more like a real chicken breast, but even no-name floats my boat. I eat them with plain pasta and canned green beans, and the butter from inside gets all over everything. Yum, comfort food.

Yeah, yeah, I know I should just make them myself and get fresh green beans too lol.

2008 Nov 17
LUVGoodFC: I never even thought to check Zellers, thanks! If Walmart is the only place that carries it, he'll have to go buy it himself.

Boycott Walmart!!!


2008 Nov 17
mmmfood - I also will have to vote for M&M Meats that or a butcher that has them premade in their meat case. Sometimes I think I've seen them at Loblaws Loblaws, I know you can find such things are Farm Boy Farm Boy or a private butcher such as Pete & Gus Pete and Gus Meat Market.

The ones I've suggested may not be Schneiders / Maple Leaf, but I have to believe all of them are better for you (not cardboard) and would no doubt would taste better too.

Also, I hear you on the WalMart Boycott, I also am of the same mindset. SHOP CANADIAN!

2008 Nov 18
Food & Think: Thanks for taking the time to type that out. I appreciate it. I've seen and bought other brands, but we really want to find the Schneider's brand specifically. If we don't find it soon, I'm just going to have to make a bunch myself, and try freezing them. It will have to do...*wink*.