My Chef At Home [Food/Vendor]

2008 Aug 1
I am very excited to announce the launch of My Chef At Home.

I am a gourmet Red Seal Chef who delivers!

I prepare elegant complete meals for the whole family.

Grand Opening Feature: Vegetarian Lasagne Two Ways! Your choice of Spinach with Three Cheeses (Ricotta, Asiago and Mozzarella) or Triple Cheese and Roasted Veggie(Provolone, Parmigiano and Jack). Both meals are delivered complete with salad, garlic bread and a little some thing sweet for dessert.

You can see the full menu and more at

2008 Aug 1
Congrats and good luck!

Though you'd better have a word with your webmaster because your website doesn't work with Firefox. Not the same as with IE at least. Actually, in clicking around I see it's only the home page that is messed up - the rest seems to work fine.

You should add yourself to the vendors list here, with appropriate tags.

2008 Aug 1
Good luck O.R.!!

2008 Aug 1
Thanks for the heads up Zy. What doesn't look right to you? It looks okay on our versions? Did the vendor thing too. Cheers!

Thank-you D.B.

2008 Aug 1
I'm using FF 3 on Win XP

The buttons on the left are there. But there is a huge blank space between those, and the bar on the right. And all the stuff that's supposed to be there is down below the buttons on the left.

Um ... just a sec

Here you go :

2008 Aug 1
And from work - FF2 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, it's fine.

Go figure

2008 Aug 2
I get exactly the same problem Alan mentions. I've got FF3 as well, but on MacOSX.

2008 Aug 7
Oliver's Rock - Congratulations, your service looks very interesting.

I am also a Foxfire user, but I don't seem to be having the issues with the site that others have mentioned.

When I have a block of time, I'll look at your website further and I may drop you a note with some questions.

Again, Congratualations!

2008 Aug 7
F&T - you using FF3 or FF2? I don't have the problem with FF2 at work. Just FF3 at home.