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Vietnamese beef stew.

B Kho at The Noodle House
B Kho at Ox Head
B Kho at Ox Head
B Kho at iCook Pho You
B Kho at Ox Head
B Kho at @ 36 Pho
B Kho at Kanata Noodle House
B Kho at Ox Head
B Kho at Ox Head
B Kho at Ox Head
B Kho at Hủ Tiếu M Gia
B Kho at Ox Head
B Kho at Ox Head
B Kho at Ox Head
B Kho at Ox Head
B Kho at Ox Head
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Ox Head 9


2010 Sep 3
This Ox Head bo kho looks alright, how does it compare to Huong's Bistro or New Mee Fung? So far I dig the richness of Huong's the most... besides my own.

2010 Sep 2
mark, i am in the same predicament at ox head as yourself. having tried the entire menu over the past couple of years, now i order nothing but the bo kho with small portion of egg noods. nothing else on their menu compares so far and it is one of the very few restos in ottawa that offers this dish. glad you diggit.

next time you're at kowloon, pick up a package (or a dozen) of bo kho spices, crispy dried shallots etc... experiment at home and you and your crock pot will be BFF+WB (best friends forever with benefits).

2010 Sep 2
Second visit in less than a month and I couldn't resist ordering this incredibly flavourful stew again. This time I went with the pure egg noodle option, because the egg noodles are the not-too-rich kind. Unbelievably flavourful, this soup will be even better when winter gets its icy claws on us in just a few months!

My big problem now is that I want to try other things on the menu but can't imagine turning this dish down. Maybe if I go two days in a row... ;-)

2010 Aug 4
Tempted by FEEL MY SERPENTINE's mention of it last year, I tried the "Bo Kho" HC8. Spicy Stewing Beef w/ Rice & Egg Noodle Soup and was quite thrilled with the depth of flavour, generous chunks of tender stewed beef, and the warming kick of chili heat. Although I'm eager to continue trying new dishes at Ox Head, I can totally see having this one again!

2009 Sep 7
bho ko @ ox head kanata - spicy vietnamese beef stew with carrots, egg or rice noodles (at the bottom of the bowl), TONS of garlic chives, crispy onions, fresh herbs (basil, corriander etc..) onions, and seasonings not only worth killing for... but also dying for!!! 11 stars out of 10 on the flavor scale, healthy, low glycemic except for the noodles so ask for just a small portion to be added. one of this guy's absolutely fave vietnamese dishes and you feel good after downing the whole bowl. sucks for me that it is rare to find a vietnamese joint in ottawa that serves this as it takes hours to braise, tenderizing the melt-in-your-mouth beef chunks and the whole dish always tastes better the next day. so this ain't practical for most restos. if you're bored with pho, this is the REAL SHIZZLE! i have to make this at home in the crock pot and the aroma perfumes the house with such exquisiteness, you might find yourself drunk, high and levitating on a pillow of winds. glad the bo kho seasonings dissipate and doesn't stick to surfaces for weeks like indian curry or mesquite. enjoy your drive to kanata.

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2013 Oct 7
Food quality continues to be stellar here. Tasty and rich broth, generous hunks of tender-fatty beef, perfect rice noodles. Service was congenial too.

I was the only customer in here at 12:15pm on a Sunday, and I lamented to the server that the throngs of people walking by his restaurant to go to Swiss Chalet are all idiots. He tactfully replied that a quarter chicken dinner with fries for $8.95 is very cheap. True enough, but look at the goodness that can be had for just a couple bucks more!

[Note: I dressed up the bowl with the supplied bean sprouts and basil.]


2013 Sep 15
Visited for lunch on Saturday to try their weekend B Kho. Very nicely done! It goes for $9.50 and consists of a rich, beefy broth, generous chunks of beef, big hunks of carrot, and bean sprouts. Plus a choice of rice noodle, egg noodle, both noodles, or baguette. I went with the rice noodle.

The broth was less spicy than I've had elsewhere but nonetheless very tasty. The owner said he prefers to let people add chili oil (available at the table) to their liking. This makes good sense.

The beef had some "character" to it (fat and tendon bits) which I thought was great, but might turn some people off.

It's great to see more restaurants offering this exceptional dish, and the version at KNH is an excellent contender!

2015 Jul 20
The b kho is loaded with noodles and tender chunks of beef, all bathing in an aromatic beefy broth. I opted for the hủ tiếu m b kho variation of this dish, with both rice noodles and egg noodles.

There are two sizes: Regular ($9.95) and Large ($11.95). I went with the Regular because I had gỏi đu đủ to start, and it was more than big enough!

I love having this quality and value of Vietnamese food so close to where I live! :-)

2012 Dec 17
Uh oh. Is it possible that this soup is BETTER than the namesake Hi tieu?

The answer is unequivocally, emphatically yes. This soup is incredible.

I would encourage the chefs of the city to go and try the brisket in this dish, because it is so delicious it could end the tired pork belly trend in one fell swoop.

2012 Sep 12
When I saw Bo Kho written on the special board I had no choice but to order it! It looked a little small at first, but turned out to be more than satisfying due to it's richness. The meat is (authentically) quite fatty and the broth is super tasty. Get this while you can!

2011 Apr 20
Last time I was at Pho Maxim I ordered their B Kho. After all, how many places actually offer it?

It was pretty good, although since it was my first B Kho ever I'm not sure if it was "the real deal."

The beef was cooked in a thick satay-style sauce as the base. Actually, the base sounded remarkably like that in the satay soup at Huong's, as described by FF here: Satay Soup

(I'd link directly to the comment, but the URL is parsed out in such a way that I can't seem to do it right. Oh well.)

Great depth of flavour, although not as much heat as I expected.



2011 Feb 17
The bo kho is off the menu now! I spoke with the owner, apparently too many people complained about the fattiness of the beef... so disappointing! I'll have to keep working on my bo kho recipe at home, very close to Huong's!

Oct 1
Curry beef stew with thin rice noodles. Lovely stew in a spicy curry soup.