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2011 Dec 12
Bought a bottle of Miss Saigon hot sauce at the farmer's market last weekend. This was the suggestion from the vendor. I have to say, this is easily the best hot sauce i've tasted. It is very flavourful and has just the right heat for my taste.

2010 Sep 3
As others have said, the hot sauce isn't the most nuclear in the universe, which is great because my wife doesn't dig the nuclear death. Ultimately, you tailor your products to your market, so maybe people have complained about the spices being too hot?

Both bottles I have tried: Peach Vidalia and St. Lucia were very tasty.

The St Lucia is incredibly complex in flavor and unlike others, I love the tang combined with the earthiness of the avocado.

The Peach Vidalia is just a touch sweet and really zings with the onion flavor.

2009 Jul 13
went to Landsdowne today to check out the digs to see if I could find out if I could hock my hot sauces

I tried them all (Chef Carleton was not present) but I did try everyone there

I think I frustrated the Man
I tried everyone of his sauces he had available
I chuckled at his warning at how hot each of them were
the bluenose was interesting
he got a belly laugh out of me when he announced Shania
Jamaica was fair
Calagary was meh
St-Lucia was a bit tangy to my taste

I did buy a bottle of the St-Lucia just to prove to a buddyn of mine, that I did indeed try them

for depth of flavour and innovotive offerings I give the Man a 9+ out of 10

for heat.....meh

my sidekick for the day mentioned some of us don't want out stomach lining stripped and lol I drug out my Ipod and showed him the clip on Jookla pepper
asked if I ever had one, I pointed out I was still standing wasn't I

all in all, the St-Lucia that I bought and later used to spice up some salsa at a nearby resto is very nice just wish it was less tangy

2009 Feb 13
I have to agree, his hot sauces are great. A nice variety too for those who like more/less heat. I stick pretty much to the middle top end of the heat scale - but I find even the very hot sauces have a great balance and underlying flavour to them (not just heat). I always pick up a few extra bottles just before the Carp Farmers market closes for the season.

2009 Feb 12
So good! I love their sauces and they have one to please everyone. All of the ones that I've tried have had a really nice depth of flavour to them

2009 Feb 11
these are wonderful hot sauces. we have a few and buy them as gifts. right now i am working my way through a bottle of bluenose. it has blueberries in it and is a medium heat.

these hot sauces allow the flavours of the ingredients to come through and are not overly vinegary (a huge pet-peeve of mine). we have a full door of hot sauces from barbados and jamaica and i always end up using Chamomile Desjardins sauces.

2009 Feb 11
I must have three or four bottles of John LeBrun's hot sauce in my cupboard right now. They range from painfully spicy to a little bit sweet and tangy, and you can often smell or taste the other ingredients (which vary from blueberries to heaps of garlic).

Needless to say, these sauces go really well in chilli, rice dishes, and on eggs!



2015 Apr 13
Enjoy some delicious Don Joaquin Gourmet sauce sold at The St-Albert cheese factory
From mild spicy fruit sauce to EXTREM hot sauces.

2014 Apr 21
La Tienda have about 5 or 6 varieties of El Yucateco.

Tried them all and the red is still my fav.