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Where to get Sprats

2009 Mar 23
Ok it's absolutely clear they've not been selling them at Food Basics or The Great Canadian Superstore for a while now. Which forces me to go to "small culture shops" which I've never had to pleasure to venture into before.

I can confirm they have them right now as we speak at the Italian Nicastros on Merivale for $2.19 and at the small Russian shop next to the small Vietnamese resteraunt Pookies on Carling for $2.69. They are in slightly differently decorated cans of the same size and same product. They are not labeled Riga Sprats though, however I'm sure it's the exact same thing. Labels can change but it's the same thing. I think they had a fresher batch at the Russian shop... but there's no way of telling how old it really is... there are no expiry dates.

They also have one variation of smoked sprats at the Russian shop behind Pincrest Shopping Center, I think called Lacomca as someone else pointed out. But they only sell the pregnant sprats (which I personally dislike) and it's in a bigger can for $3.39. There have lots of other foreign canned fish there too.

I would have posted this sooner if I wasn't hesitant that everyone would clear this off the shelves upon reading. Then I'd have nowhere in Ottawa to get them at!

Well enjoy.

2009 Feb 3
The Riga sprats we have at home right now were purchased at both the Nicastros on Merivale and at the Bottega in the market. We have also found them at Food Basics, but not reliably.

2009 Jan 29
Hey FF,

I've seen these (and other) sprats in the Russian deli's ... both Lacomca Deli (Lacomca Deli ) and the larger Russian Deli in the same strip mall as the newish Thai Restaurant, Pookies (Pookie's) at 2280 Carling Ave.

In fact there is lots of fish protein in both of those places. From smoked Quebec Sturgen to canned sprats to yummy yummy BC caviar.

2009 Jan 29
I used to get these delicious little smoked sardines at Loblaws for $1.49 per can but over the last few months the shelves have gone bare.

My daughter -- who won't eat most sources of protein and calcium -- absolutely loves these! Has anyone noticed Riga Sprats at a grocery store or deli?

2009 Jan 31
Available for $2.69 per can. Unlike the ones Loblaws used to sell, these have Cyrillic labels. The only English is on a white label stuck to the bottom of the can. Aside from that, they are an identical product.