A scape is the stem that shoots through the middle of a bulb of hardneck garlic.

Scapes or Garlic Scapes at New 168 Market
Scapes or Garlic Scapes
Scapes or Garlic Scapes
Where to get Scapes or Garlic Scapes

2008 Aug 12
User 1187 - Please be sensitive to the fact that Lansdowne Market (or Parkdale) is for some Ottawa Foodies their only option... Carp Farmer's Market is out of the question if one has to rely on public transportation... as far as I know there isn't a bus that goes there early on a Saturday morning.

2008 Aug 12
for scapes and much else go to carp farmers market every saturday 8-1. it's an amazing place. better than landsdowne market and cheaper too.

2008 Aug 3
if you go to the green door on sat or sun, ask the kitchen, the owner can sell some to you while they are still available.

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2008 Oct 1
The ones from New 168 Market are both ecconomical and nice and 'garlicky'.

They are labelled "Garlic Roots" in English and are located just above the baby bok choi.