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A lagered ale

Lug Tread at Beau's
Where to get Lug Tread

2009 Jul 17
Had my son and family here for the weekend and told him about Beau's lug tread. He went to the LCBO and bought a case (not cheap ). We all had some later that night and the next day before going back to TO he waited for the LCBO to open and took 3 cases back. So it was a definite hit. Thanks to all you guys for your reviews!!


2008 Sep 28
Golden Tap Awards

2008 - LUG TREAD - BEST BEER 2008 (Outside the GTA)
2007 - LUG TREAD - BEST BEER 2007 (Outside the GTA)

2008 Feb 23
Ottawa's new favourite session beer (or at least it seems like that sometimes), Beau's seems to have had alot of success getting their beer out there. Any decent bar will have Beau's on tap and when I ask for craft beer at fine restaurants, Beau's is usually one of the few they actually have.

Not the most prolific style in the NA micro-scene, Beau's deserves props for this shot at the continental kolsch. Keeping with Beau's overall image, the first thing that comes to mind when sampling lugtread is barnyard... that sounds bad, but it isn't. Lugtread is all about very grainy, sweet, juicy malt that puts you in mind of the fruitiness of an English bitter and the crispness of a German lager. Hops play second fiddle with some really nice floral aroma and faint herbal taste.

This is a very easy drinking beer. Tasty enough to appeal to your beer geek, but familiar enough not to scare away your average punter. The Capital Region is lucky to have this so widely available.